Stylish From Tip to Toes!

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And we thought that was all fuss and worries and lots and lots of money! Well, here’s Po-Zu to prove us wrong! PO-ZU’s Coconut Shoe Cream is an unusual product which cleans and polishes your shoes like a traditional shoe cream but without any toxins and is ‘edible’! The coconut oil used to make PO-ZU edible shoe cream retains its white color, light texture, and its mild taste and fresh scent. It is the best quality coconut oil around, and it’s made from organic, cold-pressed coconut oil that has not been hydrogenated, bleached, refined or deodorized.
all in one shoe polish po-zu
‘We didn’t set out to create a shoe cream that was edible but we wanted it to be as pure as our shoes,’ explained founder Sven Segal. ‘As our shoe bases and shoe boxes are made from parts of the coconut, coconut oil was the obvious choice for the cream. Its versatility means it’s a great product to travel with.’ Meet the ‘Swiss Army knife of cosmetics’!

That’s gotta be The Green Christmas or not at all!

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