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Cut it! The latest trend in hairstyle is short! Or at least shortER than before. It’s just me, or Victoria Beckham set this trend with her short hairdo? And then the bob, of course… even if that’s not in 2007/08 hairstyle trend, the bob remains. Feminine and edgy, makes us feel awesome (and flatirons addicted!). Check out these new hairstyles for Elisha Cuthberg, Eve, Naomi Campbell, Kylie Minogue and give us some feedback : long? Short?

eve haircut elisha cuthberg haircut

naomi campbell haircut kylie minogue haircut victoria beckham haircut blonde


#1 Straight hair to die for? — StyleFrizz on 11.26.07 at 10:05 am

[…] facing a rare urge in cutting our hair short (as seen in our earlier post), adopting heavy bangs or just leaving it straight and shiny in a rock attitude. As we all know, […]

#2 Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell Pictured Together by Mario Testino for Vogue — StyleFrizz on 01.26.08 at 5:55 am

[…] the privilege of being served with stories about how “bad? the two icons are (separately) – Naomi’s history of violence with her staff or Kate’s history of glam drug rock’n’roll life but no […]

#3 Short Hair is the New It Haircut for 2008? — StyleFrizz on 03.02.08 at 4:40 pm

[…] remains faithful to this short hair, but fellow models Anja Rubik and Milagros Schmoll joined the short haircut wave. I’m stuck with my present hair cut for 3 years now with very little […]

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