(White) Holidays are coming!

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Since we’re into the Spirit and all, here to present you some of our celebrities that took the Snow-White Christmas much to seriously :Liv Tyler and Mary-Kate Olsen, not to mention Carrie Underwood !

carrie underwood mary kate olsen liv taylor

And if it’s not the White Christmas Spirit, then it must be the humble spirit that’s taken them all! Or something to do with late-Halloween costumes? Seems like everybody’s got an urge to be an waitress! Here’s Sienna Miller, Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell to bear that one sacred desire:

sienna miller hayden panettiere kristen bell

Who are we to judge? It’s just our eyes get tired of all that i’m-so-not-original and all that i’m-famous-so-i-can-put-a-sack-on-and-still-look-fabulous!

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