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Victoria Beckham, Baby Harper Wear Matching Tartan Outfits

And because you know I can’t help myself and I just can’t, for the life of me, stay away from wee kids too long, here’s Victoria Beckham with her sweet baby girl Harper Seven, both wearing matching tartan outfits! First of all – Victoria looks aaaah-mazing! And second: Harper is one precious, lucky, lil’ fashionista! Yeah, baby! Matchy outfits de retour! Oh, and tartan, biensur!

victoria Beckham matching outfits with baby Harper Seven


Tartan Ft Cosplay Freaky Friday Outfit

Completely unrelated with the Freaky Friday movie (yup, the one with Lindsay Lohan!), I’d thought I’d give you another one of those outfits mashups making our eyes delight.

The first one is brought to us by Drew Barrymore. She decided to throw a tartan party on her, nevermind the headache! We’ve got a green tartan coat, a red tartan shirt or jacket underneath, above the knee red tartan socks. Black mini skirt, black patent lace shoes. Oh, and wassup with the Blondie hair? (the story continues right after the jump with more pictures!)

Drew Barrymore Tartan Outfit

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Questionable Style: Katie Holmes Blue Tartan Scarf

The on-off pregnant sensation Katie Holmes was recently spotted wearing an interesting blue scarf. She was wearing her favorite jeans: tight and skinny, a gray cardi, the scarf, a Blackberry and some sky-high black stilettos.

While I completely gave up hoping Katie will someday ditch the skinny jeans, I now stare and wonder how she managed to leave the restaurant with the table cover around her neck. Didn’t anyone see her? How do you like Katie’s Scarf? Vote right after the picture! (photos via j2)

Katie Holmes blue scarf

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Get The Tartan Treatment For Your Mini!

Tartan in? Great! I’ll dress up my Mini in a flash! Animal print in?! Not a problem, let’s make that happen for my Mini too!

It’s not the first time cars relate to our wardrobe in an exclusive, snobbish and utterly ridiculous try to match everything, to take the trends wardrobe-seriously and beyond! Mini Couture offers to dress up your Mini in whatever color print available with a specially designed film guaranteed for 36 months. It’s all handmade and it’ll only cost you around $3,000! (more after the jump)

Mini Couture Tartan print

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Get Your Tartan Sneakers On – Nike Women Blazer Low Tartan Plaid

If you worried that your wardrobe didn’t had enough tartan pieces in it, here’s the good news from Nike: Nike Women Air Max 1 Tartan Plaid Pack!

Beautiful, discreet, the Nike Tartan shoes can instantly turn a dull outdated outfit into a trendy one with just the tartan sneakers! The bad news is that they’re available in Japan for now, as for the rest of the world there’s yet no word about it. Not to mention that it’s a limited edition sneaker. I kinda have a soft spot for these Nike Blazer Tartan already! Would you consider tartan for your sneakers? (via)

Nike Women Blazer Low Tartan Plaid Sneakers

Nike Women Blazer Low Tartan Plaid Sneakers detail view


Questionable Style – Kate Moss Tartan Skinny Pants

Not so long ago I’ve seen a pair of skinny tartan pants in a high street fashion chain store. Was not impressed. Moved along and bought a mini tartan dress instead with a little black embroidery in the front. That because plaid is funny and very much in this fall.

However, seeing La Moss wearing these tartan skinny pants didn’t made me go fashion sleepwalking, blinded by her overwhelming style icon status, So I didn’t rushed down the door with soul purpose emptying the store’s tartan pants stock. Yes she looks pretty, yes she can pull those pants because she’s got a thin constitution but I still don’t get bitten by the skinny tartan bug. Yes, her look is very nonchalant and carefree but so trendy in the same time, yes, she’s Kate Moss! (more after the jump, don’t miss the poll attached to this post!)

Kate Moss wearing skinny tartan pants
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5 International Vogue December 2013 Covers And Photos

Remember when I was looking out for international Vogue editions and praising their aesthetics? This just isn’t one of those months. But then again, I already praised one December 2013 issue – Vogue US. I just might’ve emptied the praise bag right there!

The December 2013 of several international editions of Vogue magazines look like major fails. I’m fully aware that December issues aren’t supposed to be the feisty fashionable September issues, but I do expect them to be a little more festive than the average issues. And instead… I found these:

Vogue Spain December 2013

Joan Smalls styled by Belen Antolin and photographed by Karl Lagerfeld looks so disappointing! The perfect example of a fabulous cover gone horribly wrong. In fact I’ll correct that: the entire pictorial could’ve been breathtaking! If it weren’t for Lagerfeld and his obsessively un-living photographic perspective and unhealthy overdose of Chanel clothing!

Just judge for yourself by looking at four of Joan’s very fashionable and ultra versatile faces she’s making for Lagerfeld’s lenses!

Vogue Spain December 2013 cover Joan Smalls

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20 Inspiring Ideas For Casual Fall Outfits

If you’re scouting the wide alleys of the fashion interwebs for outfits inspiration every day, every season, every year, this is a stop you have to make to get your looks straight.

You can’t get any more into fall than this. It’s the very peak of fall, from here on, the only destination I look forward to is Christmas. However, until that ho-ho-holiday’s time dangles its shine and bells all around me, I’d like to take a moment and focus on fall. On fall outfits. Because, honestly, I need some inspiration there! So join me on the comforting road to casual gorgeousness among fallen leaves and cinnamon smell.

As you’ve seen me year after year, I tend to favor denim and all those wonderful comfy looks that makes a quality casual, relaxed but also fashionable getup. And each season, fall included, I get high doses of inspiration from jeans-based outfits, funky seasonal accessories and unexpectedly cool mix&match throws.

{1} The retro denim look: essentially flared and floor-length jeans make your legs look fairly endless, keep your lovely toes away from the cold but will also wipe the wet streets while doing so. Careful about the weather, choose this outfit wisely on windy or sunny, dry days and store it away when it rains (or snows). I personally favor a pair of wide legged flared jeans at this point.

Inspiring fall outfits Retro Denim Look

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