5 International Vogue December 2013 Covers And Photos

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Remember when I was looking out for international Vogue editions and praising their aesthetics? This just isn’t one of those months. But then again, I already praised one December 2013 issue – Vogue US. I just might’ve emptied the praise bag right there!

The December 2013 of several international editions of Vogue magazines look like major fails. I’m fully aware that December issues aren’t supposed to be the feisty fashionable September issues, but I do expect them to be a little more festive than the average issues. And instead… I found these:

Vogue Spain December 2013

Joan Smalls styled by Belen Antolin and photographed by Karl Lagerfeld looks so disappointing! The perfect example of a fabulous cover gone horribly wrong. In fact I’ll correct that: the entire pictorial could’ve been breathtaking! If it weren’t for Lagerfeld and his obsessively un-living photographic perspective and unhealthy overdose of Chanel clothing!

Just judge for yourself by looking at four of Joan’s very fashionable and ultra versatile faces she’s making for Lagerfeld’s lenses!

Vogue Spain December 2013 cover Joan Smalls

Vogue Spain December 2013 Joan Smalls many faces

Vogue Spain December 2013 Joan Smalls Karl Lagerfeld

Vogue Spain December 2013 Lagerfeld Joan Smalls

Joan Smalls Vogue Spain December 2013

Vogue Spain December 2013 Joan Smalls by Lagerfeld

Vogue Germany December 2013

Julia Stegner styled by Christiane Arp and photographer by Giampaolo Sgura could’ve been effervescent. Instead it’s like sparkling water that’s been in the glass overnight: sans bulles, sans sparkle, dusty. The entire pictorial – named Schnee-Konigin (Snow Queen) – is like a sustained effort to put whatever on Julia and then top it off with ridiculous headwear.

(oh, and did I mention that the cover dress is a twin of the dress from the December 2013 cover of Vogue Portugal?)

Vogue Germany December 2013 cover Julia Stegner

Gucci fall 2013 dresses Vogue December 2013 covers Spain Portugal

Julia Stegner hats Vogue Germany December 2013

Vogue Germany December 2013 Julia Stegner tartan

Vogue Germany December 2013 Julia Stegner

Julia Stegner Vogue Germany December 2013

Vogue Australia December 2013

Arizona Muse styled by Jilian Davison and photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg would’ve made an excellent advertising campaign. But not a Vogue cover! I’m all for breaking the rhythm and bringing in the unexpected in the rusty routine, but this is the type of pictorial used for celebrities. Arizona is not a celebrity. She’s a model. She’s supposed to model, not look established (the name of the pictorial is ‘State of Arizona’).

Vogue Australia December 2013 cover Arizona Muse

Vogue Australia December 2013 Arizona Muse Celine

Arizona Muse Vogue Australia December 2013

And if this is their idea of modeling, they should’ve offered these shots in a catalog, not a 2013 issue of Vogue magazine!

Arizona Muse Vogue Australia

Vogue Russia December 2013

Maryna Linchuk styled by Olga Dunina and photographed by Vincent Peters had the least damaged potential. But even so: the inside pictorial ruined it! I’m trying to escape the image of clothesless ladies standing around glamorously vested Maryna like plastic mannequins is some pretentious horror flick.

Vogue Russia December 2013 Maryna Linchuk cover

Vogue Russia December 2013 Maryna Linchuk

If that’s the Russian picture for ‘winter party season’, shivers go down my spine! The pictorial is named Кабаре (Cabaret) and instead of focusing on the glitz and the glam like the beautiful cover’s aura, it turns more on the gloom and the doom. This lack of enthusiasm brings my Xmassy spirit down.

Vogue Russia December 2013 Maryna Linchuk pictorial

Vogue Ukraine December 2013

Marie Piovesan photographed by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello. As the inside pictorial preview seems to point, Marie Piovesan is working a cocoon-like aesthetic. Hard to explain and to capture from just two images, but it feels creepy and menacing and overly severe. Bleached eyebrows are sooo yesterday! And that butterfly idea is soooo overused (remember last year’s magnificent Edun campaign). Nothing feels like celebrating in this issue. Except if you’re thinking of a moth party, than maybe yes. Definitely!

Vogue Ukraine December 2013 cover Marie Piovesan

Vogue Ukraine December 2013 Marie Piovesan

(all the images included in this story were released by the Vogue magazines through their respective official social media channels: Vogue Spain, Vogue Germany, Vogue Australia, Vogue Russia, Vogue Ukraine)


#1 Ana on 11.23.13 at 6:12 am

Vogue Spain is the worst in the lot.

#2 Appollonia on 11.26.13 at 11:36 am

Vogue Russia is awful. What’s up with that side boob thing? Is that stylish? Looks cheap-ish to me.
Vogue Spain? This cover and photoshoot looks like they found some photos on Facebook, Instagram or wherever. How did they manage make Joan Smalls like this?
Vogue Ukraïne? Less worse of them all since Vogue Australia is really, really boring,.

I’ll buy myself Vogue UK December. Yes, it’s a cover with The Moss again, not exactly original but still nicer than all of the above and neither will I buy Dutch Vogue. Also boring. Plus I can’t help it to be very pleased with John Galliano as guest editor for December Vogue UK.

It must be the crisis…the other day I learned Vogue Greece doesn’t exist anymore…..

#3 Jac on 11.28.13 at 2:54 am

This is the state of the fashion / media industry. Models don’t know how to pose; photographers don’t have a vision; editors have no clue between the good the bad & the ugly; & stylist think they are at the circus. It is all one hot mess of boring garbage!
Joan Smalls is a true supermodel of the now & this is what they do to her – bad, very bad.
Arizona Muse is a boring excuse for a supermodel but at least she isn’t doing that p#rn starlet alien baby thing.
I like Julia Stegner & the dress is 2D4 but I just don’t get Eastern European’s vision of fashion – no disrespect to anyone.

#4 Appollonia on 11.28.13 at 4:37 am

True words spoken. Same goes for red carpets.

#5 Jac on 11.28.13 at 8:40 am

Also I forgot to mention how there is no individuality to any print media. It is like everyone is scared not to copy each other because they are afraid they aren’t hip enough. Jeeez it is so depresso for someone like myself that use to love fashion and magazines. It is dead in the water.

#6 Appollonia on 11.28.13 at 9:17 am

No need to tell me…..but as a follower of this blog I just love to read comments like yours.

The other day I read somewhere else such eloquently, passionate written reactions on fashion like it once was. I teared up, I was that moved. All I could do was thank these people in a reply…..so, thank you as well. :)

#7 kpriss on 11.29.13 at 1:07 am

maybe I should focus on bringing out the vintage value of fashion? I miss the old fashion times and it seems I’m not the only one.
..or maybe I’m just getting too old for this circus?

#8 Jac on 12.02.13 at 7:11 pm

Don’t get me wrong – I still love the clothing. Fashion itself is great – it is how it is presented to me by the ‘experts’!
Models are ugly; the styling is extremely heinous & the photographers are very amaturish. The industry is like a one trick pony.
I too miss the ‘old days’ but they are gone – sadly but not forgotten. I am just glad they where my era. Gen x – yeah!

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