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Katie Holmes Is Pregnant Again?

This is not official and even though speculations have been made from several weeks now, I still ask myself if it’s not just another which hunt…

Nevertheless, I have to admit there are some red alert indicators – like her ditching the skinny and adopting the slouchy boyfriend look, like her constant outing with Suri (with her ever unhappy face, but who cares anymore? Katie middle-name-unhappy Holmes could be preparing another little scientologist). August 11th, the premiere of Tropic Thunder unveiled a weird blue-ish looking Katie. She’s either bad positioned in relation with every camera that took her picture, either pregnant. How does it look like to you?

Katie Holmes pregnant again
(photos via celebutopia, popsugar)


Questionable Style: Katie Holmes Blue Tartan Scarf

The on-off pregnant sensation Katie Holmes was recently spotted wearing an interesting blue scarf. She was wearing her favorite jeans: tight and skinny, a gray cardi, the scarf, a Blackberry and some sky-high black stilettos.

While I completely gave up hoping Katie will someday ditch the skinny jeans, I now stare and wonder how she managed to leave the restaurant with the table cover around her neck. Didn’t anyone see her? How do you like Katie’s Scarf? Vote right after the picture! (photos via j2)

Katie Holmes blue scarf

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Kate Moss Pregnant?

I was recently telling you about Kate Moss and her possible second pregnancy. The rumors now have the photographic support to freely continue the speculations.

She was caught up wearing a bright yellow mini dress while in California (you know, that trip she was taking make-up free!) sporting quite a bump. I know I’ve been on a baby bump hunt before but I can’t help but suspecting her. Her normally slim and toned self could only show signs of pregnancy with such a bump. What do you say? Should we roll the baby bump watch? Or it’s just another one of those deceiving bloats? (photos via)

Kate Moss Pregnant


Katie Holmes Designs (And Wears!) White Jumpsuit For Her Broadway Premiere After Party!

If Posh can do it, so can I! Chop-chop, off the hair! If Posh can do it, so can I! Up-up the high heels! If Posh can do it, so can I! Bada-bing, bada-boom! The white jumpsuit designed by MOI!

Katie Holmes’s All My Sons premiere happened! Long awaited and speculated, her Broadway debut wasn’t reported as a total wreck. Was worried the world’s population wasn’t the global warming, wasn’t the financial troubles! The world worried at the sight of a white strapless jumpsuit over a black lace top worn by Katie at the after party for All My Sons premiere. (more after the jump)

Katie Holmes white jumpsuit All My Sons premiere

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Katie Holmes Baby Bump Watch?

I was just wondering… Wearing this kind of large blouse isn’t kinda weird? I know, it’s not gossip time, but I’m curious. Especially since I’m suspecting Katie to be pregnant for awhile now (so the boyfriend jeans number would’ve been, in fact, just camouflage?)

If you look carefully, you’ll even see the burgeoning belly button due to a clear pregnancy. The baby bump is so obvious (at least to me) that I can’t believe it’s just my imagination! Indulge me here – do you think that’s a baby bump she’s sporting under her white 60s inspired blouse? (and if so, why do you think she wouldn’t she go public with the announcement?)

Katie Holmes Baby Bump Watch
(photos via justjared)


Charlize Theron Vs Katie Holmes Chloé Python Paratay Bag

It’s not easy to be original (we’re talking style, fashion, of course). And if you thought being rich makes it somehow easier, don’t! Here’s the perfect proof:

Katie Holmes has a strong manifested obsession with the Chloé Paraty Bag in black Python. I know I came with the Fendi Secret Code Bag just the day before, but can we add this Chloe and make a solid assumption that Katie’s bag style is definitely going for the flop? (not that her overall style was somewhat at the top). In case you were asking if it’s more of an expensive (around $ 4,000) exotic obsession (since she’s only carrying snake skin), I’d say it’s just a costing fashion faux pas. Or at least that’s what I thought up until I saw Charlize Theron with the same Chloe Paraty Bag, only in white. Bad taste is viral? (you can admire Katie and her everyday Chloé Paraty Back Python Bag right after the jump)

Katie Holmes and Charlize Theron wearing Chloe Python Paraty Bag black and white
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Katie Holmes Fendi Secret Code Bag

I’m beginning to feel less and less Katie’s style. Not only she’s going for very unfeminine looks and constantly fueling pregnancy rumors, but she’s got some awful taste in handbags.

Expensive and tacky doesn’t mean you absolutely have to wear it! We get it, you want attention, you’ve cut out (almost all) your hair, you’re wearing Tom’s jeans (or close), now you absolutely have to hurt our eyes with this Fendi brown water snake skin bag? And what are those blue dots? The snakes’ eyes?(you can see a close-up on the Fendi Secret Code Bag after the jump)

Katie Holmes Wearing Fendi Bag
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Katie Holmes Golden Appearance For Victoria Beckham’s 34th Black And White Birthday

We’re heading for a black and white fall, the designers say. Of course Victoria Beckham, way ahead of our times, way ahead of the season, she’s going for the black and white splash for her 34th Birthday Dinner with (some called) friends.

Since Tom Cruise talks bad about her, saying she’s bad influence on Katie, she wisely resolute to advise Gwen Stefani to follow up on that trend. Now what’s there left for Katie to splash around? A dress made from old couch-like fabric in sparkling gold, a Tom Cruise haircut and horrifying shoes to match (them both).

Victoria Beckham and Gwen Stefani for Posh Birthday Dinner
Katie Holmes Victoria Beckham Birthday
(photos via justjared)