Katie Holmes Golden Appearance For Victoria Beckham’s 34th Black And White Birthday

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We’re heading for a black and white fall, the designers say. Of course Victoria Beckham, way ahead of our times, way ahead of the season, she’s going for the black and white splash for her 34th Birthday Dinner with (some called) friends.

Since Tom Cruise talks bad about her, saying she’s bad influence on Katie, she wisely resolute to advise Gwen Stefani to follow up on that trend. Now what’s there left for Katie to splash around? A dress made from old couch-like fabric in sparkling gold, a Tom Cruise haircut and horrifying shoes to match (them both).

Victoria Beckham and Gwen Stefani for Posh Birthday Dinner
Katie Holmes Victoria Beckham Birthday
(photos via justjared)

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#1 Sandy (Momisodes) on 04.21.08 at 9:31 pm

I love that black and white dress! I just got myself a black and white mini-dress for spring too. Of course, I don’t look as hot in mine….

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