Katie Holmes In Armani At The Met Costume Institute Gala

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You know, Katie, when someone’s dressing you up, doesn’t mean you have to put up to all he/she wants! Par exemple this red dress you’re wearing there… Didn’t your hotel room have any mirrors at all? Even if it’s Armani, you can still say “No! I refuse to wear that horrifying dress!”

Little Red Riding Hood stepped on Cinderella’s Blue Shoes. What was in your head, lovely? We all know you’re tall, but didn’t Tom the Little told you what color your shoes are? You could’ve been the star of the soiree if it was the Brazilian Carnival…Well, what a waste!

Katie Holmes in Armani At the Met Gala
(photos via celebutopia)


#1 Arnoldo Valerio on 05.06.08 at 11:29 am

Kpriss you forgot to mention that her God Thom is colorblind, hahaha. Not only her shoes but also her dress look awful to her. What a taste the celebs have now these days, I’m really proud of them, hahaha.

#2 Adriana on 05.06.08 at 12:07 pm

Sorry guys I like the dress but hate the shoes……no, a mistake: I dislike the combination.

#3 kpriss on 05.07.08 at 5:00 am

Ah, he’s colorblind??Well, that explains it all! I bet he chose the ensemble personally! (and that must be the explanation everyone’s looking for when talking Suri’s latest hair color!).

Adriana, you really like the dress? Might I ask.. why?

#4 Adriana on 05.07.08 at 5:42 pm

Yes, I really like the dress, I love the color and the ‘simple’ cut and it does look better on her than earlier HC pieces she wore. I love the color because it reminds me the geraniums on my balcony! Someone else did remind about this fact to my surprise. My old fashioned geraniums outside which I can see inside of course do cheer my up……The fabric reminds on them when the rain has left drops the flowers…..its just a bit of a sentimental thing? Not to Katie I believe lookin at the photos she has such a sad look in her eyes….

My favorite is the white Thierry Mugler vintage dress Naomi Watts wore. This one jumps up in my mind all the time and stroke me at first sight. Wow!

#5 Perez Hilton Clothing Line - Once A Gossip Blogger Now A Designer! — StyleFrizz on 05.08.08 at 10:43 am

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#6 Teayro on 08.17.10 at 1:55 am

Well, their daughter, Suri chose the blue shoes and that’s why she’s wearing it so don’t go blaming Tom Cruise no matter how weird he is.

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