Pandas. Tugg Speedman Relocates

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Tugg Speedman. Such a great actor! Tugg Speedman. Such a great philanthropist! Tugg Speedman. Such a great man!

If only he was real! It seems there’s a heavy confusion between Ben Stiller and his character from the upcoming comedy Tropic Thunder. Mostly due to the campaign surrounding the film: there’s a website attached to the story, a parody-website made to measure Tom Cruise’s website. Of course we could all contribute to the panda wellbeing, but we can also take a minute to enjoy the two websites and dream about this Tropic Thunder thing.(I know I will!) Just think it could be the next Zoolander!

Tugg Speedman Panda Relocation Foundation Ben Stiller
(pandarelocationfoundation via fwd)

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