Katie Holmes Fendi Secret Code Bag

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I’m beginning to feel less and less Katie’s style. Not only she’s going for very unfeminine looks and constantly fueling pregnancy rumors, but she’s got some awful taste in handbags.

Expensive and tacky doesn’t mean you absolutely have to wear it! We get it, you want attention, you’ve cut out (almost all) your hair, you’re wearing Tom’s jeans (or close), now you absolutely have to hurt our eyes with this Fendi brown water snake skin bag? And what are those blue dots? The snakes’ eyes?(you can see a close-up on the Fendi Secret Code Bag after the jump)

Katie Holmes Wearing Fendi Bag

Fendi Secret Code Bag
(photos via justjared, neimanmarcus.com)


#1 Ellington on 08.31.08 at 3:48 pm

Oh dear… That’s just so wrong.
She just seems to wear what is given to her. That bag is heinous!

#2 Dolly Bird on 08.31.08 at 4:28 pm

Its one of the ugliest bags I’ve ever seen.How can anything cost so much and look hideous!
But I have to admit I like Katie’s style eventho it sometimes looks calculated.The poor thing has been having such bad press lately.Still she does seem to get away with whatever she’s wearing

#3 Rogbog4299 on 08.31.08 at 9:18 pm

$3,840 for a bag! $3,840 for a handbag. I recently bought a car for may son for $2500…. Wow! This bag must do many things. Looks good though.

#4 Adriana on 09.01.08 at 9:12 am

Its an ugly bag. Noticed this photos before. The price is as vulgar as the design…..and the bag doesn´t seems to make her happy either…..

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