What To Wear Today?

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You’ve got a Pinterest account and you’re pinning daily. You’re very active on Instagram and you follow all the style ‘tastemakers’ du jour. Style, Vogue – you name it, you’re on it. Sharing is carrying they say so you’re sharing fashion pics and ideas all day long yet when you’re planning a shopping trip, all the pins and the pics are gone.

Your head is empty and yet you have to buy something for the new season. You’ve got nothing to wear… Your closet is full of clothes and you still have no fashion idea about what to wear… I’ve heard so many of my friends saying that and I thought it may be a good idea to try to help them somehow…

what to wear today

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I surely am no match for the endless inspiration sources from Pinterest and Instagram, the vast fashion professional wisdom from the likes of Vogue and yet I feel in my heart I have to do something to try to help those who stand agonizing in front of a closet full with clothes with no clue what to wear next!

What To Wear Today?

Surprisingly, the answer is not in your closet. Not even in the nearest mall’s boutiques, Pinterest or Instagram. The answer is within you. That’s where you have to scoop for the solution! What to wear today or any other day comes from inside. I know you’ve heard that before and you’re slightly inclined to wave this thought away with a hand swoosh.

Yet thinking about it for a couple of seconds and the idea is starting to make sense: how many pair of high heels you’ve bought in the past year and yet wearing them still makes you feet hurt in two hours tops. No matter which model, which color, which year, high heels will end up hurting you more than making you happy. (the list could go on, however, I firmly believe high heels make such a strong argument!)

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Capitalizing on this huge enigma we face almost every single morning, many magazines, websites, bloggers, app makers and quiz creators have tried to lure us into using their advice and follow their instructables to the letter or else fail miserably at getting dressed in the morning. Really? I mean… could I ever trust my wardrobe to a phone app? Could I ever trust the comfort and wonderful act of choosing my own clothes to a total stranger on Instagram?

I couldn’t. I will tell you what I could and what I did, hopefully it will help you, inspire you, give you hope and faith!

I compelled a list with my:

what to wear today establishing the personal style

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From there on it was only a matter of time until I realized what my most comfortable looks were ranging from casual to smart with very slight variations and so I was able to draw some general wardrobe guides and pair some items to simplify the dress-up process when I needed a quick change.

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As we’re all different (thankfully!) and one solution doesn’t fit all, will you draw your own list and get back to me to continue this special journey for simplifying dressing up in the morning (or any other moment of the day/occasion/season)?


#1 amalia on 02.25.18 at 2:16 pm

I recently found and read most of your articles, I love your advices and style and it helped me a loooottttt!
Thank you very much!!!!
You are a great help and you know so well to explain every fashion thing! Congrats on your beautiful work!

#2 amalia on 02.25.18 at 2:18 pm

I just did your exercise list, please let me know if you can advice me. Have a great day!

#3 kpriss on 03.13.18 at 8:25 am

Amalia! So happy to hear that you’ve taken the ‘what to wear today’ challenge! Please feel free to email me (the contact form) or just write it here, I’m so excited to see what you got there! <3

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