Kanye West Designs Second Louis Vuitton Sneakers Collection

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It’s that Kanye & Louis Vuitton sneakers time again! Backstage photos of the design sessions Mr. Kanye West puts in for Louis Vuitton have surfaced on the web. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Kanye’s looking impeccable, for a traffic stopper. I imagine, in his own mind, he must be looking dazzlingly hot and trendy. But not. He’s just a walking traffic light with all lights on yellow. (the story continues with more pictures right after the jump!)

Kanye West Louis Vuitton sneakers second collection

He’s snapped doing some crayon-work on the sketches (wait, aren’t those sketches from the wall panel already finished? What’s he supposed to do there? Draw crayon polka dots?). He’s having some design brainstorming with a sneaker in one hand an imaginary crayon in another looking down on a white paper with (what appears to be) a sneaker sketch on (while everybody’s clearly looking in a completely different direction).

Kanye West Design team Louis Vuitton

He’s visibly unhappy with the white canvas sneaker since he’s snapped again holding it an looking down on various sketches while the designer clearly looks away. And after all that hard but happy designing, Kanye is posing with the design team heads. Isn’t life wonderful? If all designers would draw their sketches wearing shades, fashion will take a permanent rundown on gothpath. But I guess that pays off somewhat since he’s already doing his second kicks collection for the house!

Kanye West LV sneakers second collection

Kanye West Louis Vuitton designers

Kanye West retouching LV sneakers sketches

(Kanye looks ever-unsatisfied with the same detail since he’s photographed twice with his crayon doodling in the same area of apparently two different sneakers) Do you really believe he designed those shoes? (via)

Kanye West Louis Vuitton kicks


#1 Adriana on 05.27.09 at 7:31 am

I suppose but doesn’t understand really Kanye sneakers sells? Die-hard fans can be so silly…..

#2 Ellington on 05.27.09 at 5:09 pm

Its nice to see that he can colour within the lines. He’s all grown up now. ; )

#3 kpriss on 05.28.09 at 11:12 am

Ellington lol! yes he is! yes he can!

He must sell, Adriana, MJ wouldn’t have had him on board if he was a fiasco. He’s hype… I just hope he’s not everlasting!

#4 Adriana on 05.28.09 at 11:56 am

LOL! Maybe he’s all grown up now and has many fans so why does he always pull off a cry-baby face like: “Why don’t you people take me serious as a designer?”

#5 funfere korye on 08.19.09 at 10:38 am

incase you didnt know kanye went to art school for classes. so knw he designed those

#6 Jayse on 04.23.10 at 10:52 am

I like Kanye West shoes and i bought them from stilnomodno.com and i’m happy :)

#7 Chillax on 12.12.10 at 2:59 pm

The author of this article really sucks. Way too judgmental on every photo the synopsis is something negative. Some people are so desperate to be seen they’ll just bash anyone like how this author forgets Kanye did major in arts before he dropped out and he doesn’t look mad..in fact he has no facial expression at all! If he was smiley every photo he’d be “conceited” for god sake. And his coloring his actually really skillful in these pics i don’t see why they’d be considered “crayon doodling” especially since he doesn’t have a crayon. Just do something better with your life instead of picking every little detail about Someone else’s life…its really pathetic.

#8 Krazyjay on 01.09.12 at 7:10 pm

What the is wrong with this blogger? Kanye West is a damn good artists. You should google/youtube some of his artwork that he did as a child. Incredible stuff. He was somewhat of a child prodigy.

#9 Katrina on 08.30.13 at 9:59 pm

I can’t say I’m a Kanye fan, but the blogger seems like such a pretentious little s#it.

#10 E on 02.18.14 at 7:22 am

Kanye went to art school – for one full semester. So I guess he DOES deserve the same recognition of the likes of Yohji who has dedicated their entire life to fashion and the arts.. Silly us…

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