Most Comfortable Sneakers: Birkenstock

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Beyond past eras Royalty, at one moment, high heels have sneaked into our permanent wardrobe making our steps way less comfortable but way sexier! But today I want us all to focus on comfort!

I do own a handful of high heels shoes (and sandals) but when it comes to my day-to-day routine or simply when I want to feel comfortable, I only rely on flat shoes and sandals and as I’ve pointed out countless times before, Birkenstock is my label-of-choice for summer footwear (it might surprise you, but a lot of celebrities rely on Birkenstock for daily wear&tear). A couple of weeks ago, wanting to check out the novelties for this Summer, I discovered that Birkenstock added sneakers to their products roaster!

classic yellow sneakers Birkenstock

They were already manufacturing and selling shoes, but sneakers? It’s an entirely new and different (comfort) story! Yes, I could’ve opted for the same beloved insoles from Birkenstock I sneak into my sneakers and boots, to keep the same soles wellbeing I’ve grown accustomed to since the first time I tried Birkenstock sandals, but have you seen their sneakers?

Birkenstock sneakers campaign

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Not only they have great looks and great style, their timeless quality and above all, the trademark comfort make these sneakers my new must-own footwear! Add to that their new flat mary-janes with glittered uppers and I think my summer shoes wishlist is complete! For men and women alike, the new sneakers styles are available starting this Spring Summer 2015!

most comfortable sneakers Birkenstock

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This is a fabulous marketing and business strategy from Birkestock! Genuinely congratulating the team for their new products, I think this stands to proof that not only the brand is faithful to their quality and comfort promise, but they also keep an eye out for the new demands of the market! Keeping a classic direction for their products is good, but the younger generations have learned about the wonders of comfort and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to find something to wear with the Birkenstock label.

fabulous comfortable shoes Birkenstock

Something that can go beyond the summer golden threshold, something that can keep our feet warm, comfortable and fashionable all year long – I wholeheartedly recommend Birkenstock! (and no, there’s no other reason besides honest and sheer brand appreciation for writing this piece! Birkenstock couldn’t care less about me, I’m just one of their loyal, happy customers and I’m enjoying this privilege – of owning and telling their comfort story!)

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#1 Ellington on 06.02.15 at 11:12 am

Nice shoes! Great for summer! : )

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