Kanye West Advertises His Louis Vuitton Sneakers

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Not long ago, I spawned a controversy regarding a bogus ad campaign for a so-called Billionaire Champagne. I’ll take the controversy road again for these Louis Vuitton sneakers by Kanye West as advertised by him.

Kanye West is one of those starving for fashion and fash-recognition, but he was harmlessly assisting Fashion Week Shows until he got the brilliant idea that he could be a fashion designer himself. (the story continues right after the jump with more pictures!)

Amber Rose Kanye West Louis Vuitton Sneakers ad

Starting with the sneakers collaboration with Louis Vuitton, Kanye West’s designer ways have revealed his ginormous ego. These (hopefully unofficial) advertising photos for LV Kanye West sneakers are proof that Kanye has become fash-delusional.

Kanye West Louis Vuitton Sneakers ads

Could these really be the real photos from the campaign? (is there any other ‘verse besides Kanyeverse where that Amber Rose undressed character makes sense for the sneakers promotion material?) (photos via)

Louis Vuitton Kanye West Sneakers ads


#1 deka on 04.19.09 at 11:01 pm

the shoes are very lackluster…
delusional is a great word :)

#2 Adriana on 04.20.09 at 5:16 am

Wheres the rest of Amber’s butt? If I can say that???? That’s what this photo is about after all!
Or not? After you’ve enjoyed that you’ve to focus on his great sneaker design…..??/

As the story goes Kanye was at Vivienne Westwood’s show. Of course he was. He was and is everywere. So he told her how much he loved her work and what a great fan he is blabblahblah….and when he left Vivienne asked a bit surprised: “Who was that?” LOL!

Yes, delusional is a great word as I’ve been taught of late…

#3 kpriss on 04.20.09 at 5:28 am

Amber Rose’s beeh’ wasn’t StyleFrizz approved ;)

lol! He should’ve married Pamela in order to make himself known by Dame Viv ;)

#4 Adriana on 04.20.09 at 5:43 am

Good morning Kpriss!

#5 kpriss on 04.20.09 at 5:47 am

Good morning to you, too, Adriana!

#6 Adriana on 04.20.09 at 5:55 am

No, good afternoon to me Kpriss!

#7 Ellington on 04.20.09 at 1:48 pm

Yes Kanye has an ego the size of a small solar system, but he did get a bit of a comeuppance when “South Park” did a really great send up smack down on him. Apparently it made him realize what a egomaniacal prat he was and has been. He says he is going to try to be less of a prat in the future, but time will tell.
He has always liked fashion and him designing something is no big surprise.

#8 TR on 04.21.09 at 6:12 am

This has Marc Jacob’s stamp on it. He’s obsessed with celebrities but he doesn’t really get the fact that the majority of humans on this planet don’t have the bank accounts that celebrities have… but then again, the rest (who aren’t squillionaires or celebrities) perhaps don’t really matter?
This is Louis Vuitton trying to be ‘racially’ correct as they hardly have any African Americans in their campaigns. They don’t have Asian personalities in their media campaigns either (even though Asians – from Singapore, China and Japan are their highest demographic based on population).

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