7 Spring Summer Trends From 2015 Haute Couture Shows

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Haute Couture had but a week-long window opportunity to enchant us and remind us all what fashion is all about! The finest style and craftsmanship delivered from concentrate, in just a handful of clear trends you’ll be wearing this Spring-Summer!

From Chanel to Versace Atelier, the Haute Couture fashion shows were abundant in hints and revelatory fashion details that we’ll most certainly see developing into Red Carpet fixations and Summer wardrobe staples. In their original form or in more affordable/wearable declinations, the main 7 Haute Couture trends for the next season unfold before our eyes in shades and prints. Let’s all pin these down for they’ll be your wardrobe’s coordinates for the Spring Summer 2015 season!

Spring Summer 2015 trends Haute Couture

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1. Blue is Cool

A lot of solid Cobalt blues on the catwalks during the 2015 Spring Summer Haute Couture shows! Spring is usually about light and pastel colors and such a statement hue will never go unnoticed amid a washed-out sea of spring shades! Take a poetic spin on it and look at this blue as if it were the life sap flowing from the roots to the leaves, waking nature to life after a long, dormant winter.

Spring Summer 2015 trends Cobalt Blue

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2. Green is Fresh

Spring is such a magic moment! All that effervescence in nature is best described by that unique shade of green: bold, alive! Green is always perfect for spring and it only compliments the blue started we’ve seen above. Natural, if you think about it, to have the sap pushing new green leaves to life!

Spring Summer 2015 trends green

3. Wear Those Flowers!

Just like any other spring and summer, we marvel and enchant at the beautiful flowers blooming all around us. The magic of nature is so inspiring every time and the flowers produce such stunning imitations on the catwalks that you’ll most definitely see them in Spring Summer 2015 from head to toes! Flowers as decorations, flowers as appliqués, flowers as prints! It’s your wardrobe’s time to bloom!

Spring Summer 2015 trends flowers

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4. Glam and Shine

After the really short but unbelievably long days of winter, the sunlight shines bright and warm upon as, casting a gazillion reflexes on the catwalk. As it was to be expected, Haute Couture is so much about glamour and elegance, it would be strategically wrong to omit the gold&silver from the HC designs! Save a little place for those in your evening wear wardrobe! You’ll need to shine in the Spring/Summer of 2015!

Spring Summer 2015 trends glam shine

5. Ethnic & Boho Power

Spring and Summer are the ideal seasons to discover and nurture your inner hippie! Loving nature and keeping close to it feels so easy and… natural! The mighty fashion designers are with you on that one! The cultural heritage and the symbolic insertions of nature elements in the Couture garments are easy to observe, to like and to imitate! Whether it’s a simple straw hat here or an intricate embroidery there, a sublime print here or a folk-ish reference there, boho still reigns supreme for Spring and Summer!

Spring Summer 2015 trends boho folk

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6. Put a Cape on it!

Capes have been around for so long, it’s hard to call this a new trend! But Haute Couture catwalks were really abundant in capes! Designers have gone so far as to make capes part of the actual garment! Mysterious and regal, the cape is that elegant, timeless touch that’ll make you happy and tickling the envy of all onlookers!

Spring Summer 2015 trends cape

7. Black or White

The simplest of combinations, the most elegant and above-time fashion statement you can never go wrong with, pairing black and white, is a trend for the 2015 Spring Summer. Full black or white dresses look so perfectly put together, only playing on the shape and the sartorial surprises! But leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to design the new old black&white combo and to Jean Paul Gaultier to inject the fun into the same black&white match!

Spring Summer 2015 trends black white

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These are but general outlines of what the designer luminaries have cooked for the Spring Summer 2015 Haute Couture shows. There’s no limit and no obligation other than personal taste and imagination to where your wardrobe begins and where it ends. The endless playground of one’s closet is never to be taken too seriously! That’s where the best style comes out!

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It all looks fun and I look forward to spring and summer coming.
Winter has been harsh.

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