Last Minute Christmas Trees Inspiration

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I know, I know many of you already have your Christmas Tree up and running, twinkling the night away. However, for those of you who just didn’t have the time or simply didn’t found the inspiration or … the right tree, here’s a handful of trees for Christmas!

It’s the second (and last) trees pack I have for you this year, so even if you do have it all ready for this season, never hurts to keep the reference for next year’s Holidays or maybe for your Christmas table! (what’s your favorite? I have a little surprise for you, so scroll through the entire pack of pictures, goodies at the end – wink)

little girl decorating Christmas tree

trees for Christmas

wall christmas tree

white Christmas tree with snow

traditional home traditional Christmas tree

interesting christmas tree

great fabric Christmas tree

crafty Christmas Tree

interesting Christmas Tree

cute crafty Christmas Trees

alternative Christmas Trees

Most beautiful Christmas Tree ever

Paper Christmas Tree

unconventional nontraditional Christmas Trees

unusual Christmas Trees


#1 Ellington on 12.21.11 at 9:48 am

Ryan! What a lovely tree and present he makes! : )

The trees are cute and fun Kpriss!
: )

#2 Lemon on 12.21.11 at 11:48 am

I’ll take Ryan!

#3 DollyBird on 12.21.11 at 1:40 pm

Ryan can light me up anytime :) except on Thursdays.

#4 Decor Arts Now on 12.23.11 at 8:37 am

Merry merry! All best in 2012!

#5 kpriss on 12.26.11 at 7:46 am

Of course Ryan is your favorite tree! Duh! (rolling eyes. laughing)

I hope he continues to make great films for your enchantment. For all our enchantment. (wink)

As for me, if I were to change my Traditional Christmas Tree and opt for the unconventional tree (maybe, who knows, the years to follow?) I think I’d love a ladder (for the main bedroom ;) I wouldn’t want the kids to mess it up), and I would definitely love a wall mounted Christmas Tree for the kids rooms! Which could be great fun, since each could decorate his / her wall tree with whatever fancies them! (even if I promise right here, right from the start, if I ever stumble across a pair of dirty socks lying around on the floor, I’ll pin it in their Christmas Tree in a sec! Yeah. I’m that kind of mom :D wink)

#6 kpriss on 12.26.11 at 8:03 am

Oh, and … speaking about Ryan: do check this out !

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