7 Essential Fall Winter Footwear For Women

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Are you waiting for the latest deals to complete your fall-winter footwear buys? Trying to find out if your comfy ol’ boots can still do the trick this season? Scroll down to find the answers to these questions and solve your cold season footwear dilemma once and for all!

I actually hesitated about making this quick guide just about boots: not all of us favor boots during the cold season. And especially, not routinely! But let’s go trough the essential footwear for fall and winter and you can share your mind in the comments section!

{1} Tall Boots

everyone needs a pair. You can tuck your jeans in or wear them with a skirt or a dress, a nice looking pair of tall boots with or without high heel, will make a great addition to your fall closet!

Keep in mind that when you’re buying that pair of tall boots, there should be enough space around your calf to allow your jeans to fit in. Or perhaps you plan on wearing them with some cozy looking leg warmers or high knee socks for a boho look – you’ll need that space between your calf and the boot.

fall winter footwear guide for women

stars with tall boots Claudia Schiffer Kate Moss Taylor Swift Miranda Kerr

{2} Ankle Boots

you need at least one pair of those! A wide fit around the ankle, to make room for tucking in or thick socks, ankle boots can sometimes be even better than tall boots! They’re easier to pull on/out, they’re clearly more flattering as they don’t ad unnecessary bulk under your pants in comparison with the tall boots and they’re often cheaper than their taller sisters. Whether you’ll be choosing high heeled ankle boots or classic Chelsea boots, ankle boots are a must in every wardrobe!

stars with ankle boots Kirsten Dunst Miranda Kerr Kate Beckinsale Diane Kruger

{3} Lace Boots/Combat Boots

a pair that would suit your personality needs to find its way in your closet. If you’re a romantic, more hippie-inclined, you should opt for a pair that has a softer look, vintage inspired.

If you’re going for a punk/rock approach, a nice pair of classic Doc Martens would do the trick. Just ask Gwen Stefani!

stars with laced combat boots Gwen Stefani Victoria Justice Emma Watson

{4} Evening Shoes

you’ll need a pair of those, even if it’s cold outside! All this season’s partying will happen indoors and you have to secure your Cinderella look behind closed doors! I would highly suggest something that would pop-up (think metallic uppers or bow-dressed) and make you feel gorgeous but take care to always be in the comfort wearing zone as you’d need that for long dancing nights!

stars with evening shoes Mila Kunis Emma Stone Jennifer Aniston Marion Cotillard

{5} Technical Shoes

also known as hiking shoes, walking shoes, the technical footwear – and I never thought I’d say this – must never be a missing link in your wardrobe! Just because it’s cold outside, you shouldn’t give up on your traveling or reconnecting with nature. But in order to do that in safe and comfortable conditions, you’ll need the appropriate footwear to carry you. Long city walks or fabulous mountain sightseeing won’t put your inner fashionista to shame but to safety!

stars with hiking shoes Sarah Jessica Parker Fergie

{6} Rain boots

will get you safely through every puddle and even make a stylish statement as they prominently rose to fame with a little help from various Hollywood movies. Keep in mind the rubber boots issue I covered a while back and make the mindful acquisition!

stars with rain boots Rachel Weisz Hilary Duff

{7} Snow boots

to keep your feet warm and cozy, away from the cold, cold snow. You need a pair for those stylish end-of-the-year skiing trips or for off-duty city snows. From the tipical, celebrity-loved Ugg boots to the classic Sorel snow boots, bag that specialty pair for the winter season!

stars with snow boots Elle MacPherson Leighton Meester Adriana Lima

These are my cold season footwear staples but you can always add and argument your perspective, I’ll be more than happy to expand my wardrobe horizons for each and all occasions. There are some yearly buys but also some strategic acquisitions you won’t have to renew next year: for instance rubber boots, hiking shoes, snow boots or even laced boots.

It all depends on the rotation and the quality of the footwear itself. Most boots won’t wear off for years if properly rotated and cared for! On the other hand, other items which were made with fashion in mind more than quality and durability will most likely last you one season. But that’s the point of fashion footwear, right? To last just as long as that fashion lasts.

As I said, should you have covered the ‘specialty footwear’ already, keeping in mind that some boots are better than others, next year you’ll have a budget surplus you can choose to invest in the latest trends should you want to. Or update your old shoes with a fancier, better construction/cut. In the end, I’ll always choose quality and comfort. Fashion can wear off but my health will have to last me a lifetime!

(all the images sustaining this guide were found and handpicked by yours truly from public domain. Should you know the rightful owners, please state them in the comments section so I can make the proper adjustments/credit the owners, thank you!)


#1 Ellington on 11.19.13 at 5:48 pm

LOVE these options and I have them all!
: )

#2 Appollonia on 11.21.13 at 8:59 am

Same here. Last week getting bored looking for new boots I thought why? I own all these boots already! Gonna wear two pair I haven’t wore in years. And never ever UGGs again in the snow since they are great for the cold but don’t wear them in the snow. It’s no fun to slip…..the one time I wore UGGs in the snow I’d end up with a blue, swollen bruised feet….They’re great around the house, The best comfy winter home footwear ever. :)

#3 kpriss on 11.21.13 at 1:58 pm

Ellington: I would change a thing here and there in my closet ;)
Appollonia: UGGs don’t work for fresh snow either? (truth is I personally prefer snow boots Sorel type and not UGGs) . I have a problem around the house: I don’t like anything on my feet. Especially something that clacks or makes noise with every step. Also because I don’t like rugs either ;) if I could, I would actually have my feet bare or any and all footwear (around the house, that is). Alas, the skin on my heels wouldn’t be pretty at the end of the day…

#4 Appollonia on 11.21.13 at 3:38 pm

Bare feet in winter? Brrrrr….well, it must me be me then. I have and had always had cold feet in winter. Sleeps with cozy socks and not ashamed of it. Not in Summer of course. UGGs are not water proof. They are not made for snow and rain. Plus they have not any comfort and support for the feet while making a long walk. Bad for the back too. They became world wide popular due to American surfers who found out these boots keep their feet warm when they come out of the water. And of course because Pamela Anderson wore UGGs. Half way the ’90s everyone was like: “where can I get these”? Not me until I tried a pair for a night….Die-hard fashionistas hated UGGs. Of course. Old story. ;) :)

I knew I was stupid back then to wear them outside but I had such cold feet. So I bought much better winter boots. Let winter come, I still love that boots. And the UGGs are almost ready to wear again around the house. Thinking of buying a second pair. Since there’s this high money inflation UGGs has longer value these days. ;)

#5 kpriss on 11.21.13 at 4:18 pm

Oh, I see now! Yes, but waterproof UGG boots are available as well. However, the part with ‘no back support’ is all I needed to hear to keep me infinities away from UGGs. Sorry.

umm, yes, even in winter, bare feet is my dream pair of shoes around the house lolz

well at least now you know better with UGGs. And so do I, thanks to you! :)

#6 Ellington on 11.21.13 at 5:07 pm

Ugg can work if the are the ones designed for winter snow.
For example these UGGs “Adirondack

The everyday flat sole ones are great for cool autumn days which is when I wear mine. ;)

#7 Appollonia on 11.21.13 at 5:38 pm

I was talking about the original UGGs as the ones Adriana Lima wears. I believe Ellington owns a pair of the UGGs you mentioned. These have a better grip on the soles in slippery cold weather.

#8 kpriss on 11.22.13 at 7:16 am

Oh, Ellington, those are fantastic! But the usual city UGGs we see almost on everyday basis, like the ones Adriana Lima is wearing and I had a pair too, years ago, But since I discovered I have troubles with my back, I have to be extra careful about my footwear.

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