Sofia Coppola Bags And Shoes For Louis Vuitton

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I’m beginning to think, as the media fully shows us, that only (already) famous and rich people are creative. Any other creativeness is long gone!

Sofia Coppola “created” a bag for Louis Vuitton. As a film director, I wouldn’t have troubles imagining how she managed to design something, like Sofia herself admits:”I am able to ask people to make exactly as I would”. But saying that the perfect bag doesn’t exist is an offense to the rest of the consumerism world who finds the perfect “something” at least once a month! Now you should all know that this perfect bag is called SC Louis Vuitton and it comes in gray suede, burgundy, blue calf leather and monogram canvas (appx $2,200).

Sofia Coppola bags shoes collection Louis Vuitton

So not only she’s truly creative and a fashion current consumer (to say that the perfect bag doesn’t exist, you really have to up to date with everything that has been done in the matter!), she also reinvented the wheel! Making an evening clutch with a mirror inside, now, there’s got to be only 40 % of the (serious) evening bags of the world that don’t have one! The miracle clutches come in the same colors as the bags, plus a golden version. (appx $1,100). And you have to consider the brilliant cut of an Yves Saint Laurent shoe (originally made in the 70s and belonging to Sofia’s mother) redesigned (like we’d actually search and confront too see how much re-designed was applied to it!) and signed Louis Vuitton (appx $1,100)! Oh, isn’t this fashion in its truly pure form? Let’s see who’d be willing to pay $2,200 for a LV without LV allover it! (via, wwd)

Sofia Coppola Monogramed bag Louis Vuitton


#1 Adriana on 12.09.08 at 5:30 pm

Yaaaaaawn! Nooo, that doesn’t imply you Kpriss, I started to giggle after your first paragraph……Right!

#2 Ellington on 12.09.08 at 7:20 pm

You are correct of course Kpriss.
We troglodytes have no idea how to be creative. I thank God everyday that we have the rich and famous telling and teaching us what we need and need to know.
Now if you will excuse me I am going to go bang two rocks together.

#3 kpriss on 12.10.08 at 5:51 am

You girls are simply great (I didn’t forgot about Dolly Bird! where are you?)! I couldn’t imagine writing my pieces without having you near! Every single comment makes me laugh or think (accordingly to the transmitted message)! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me! Priceless!

#4 Dolly Bird on 12.10.08 at 6:22 am

Ellington LOL and my cheeks hurt!
Has this anything to do with her bff Marc Jacobs I wonder.
I can’t afford this bag and even if I could I’d be afraid walking on the street with it for fear of getting mugged for it.
The shoes look a little ordinary though and for the same price or even less I could get nice alternatives from Jimmy Choo, Louboutin or even Blahnik. On Sale of course. But I’m patient!
Thanks for the compliment Kpriss.

#5 Adriana on 12.10.08 at 8:51 am

You know what girls, these days makes me often wonder why I’d worked so hard and had to overcome so many obstacles to get my fashion education done.
No I won’t fit it in that silly world of fashion….not anymore….
I forgot something, my hairstylist (she would get a giggle I call her btw but she is miraculous!!) is much better than Sofia’s!!! Or did she “desigh” her own hairstyle too?

#6 lucy on 12.29.08 at 1:58 am

How bitter everyone is….Sofia is an amazing style icon – very French, yet comfortable and personal. And her clothing/accessories are much less pretentious and silly than all the jennifer lopez and paris hiltons of the world. they look very useful and chic. I like her hair – elegant but relaxed. The article wasn’t funny, just aggrieved.

#7 Dolly Bird on 12.29.08 at 4:34 am

Sofia is an amazing style icon – very French…?????

#8 Adriana on 12.29.08 at 6:23 am

Dolly Bird, LOL!!! I thought Sofia is a American with Italian roots? Coppola? Sounds Italian to me. And she has Italian features? So, I see nothing “very French” here……of course Louis Vuitton is but Sofia?

#9 Ellington on 12.29.08 at 12:37 pm

Yes Sofia is Italian American, not very French… but then what do we know ladies we are all just bitter?!
; )
Ah me,back to my rocks I go.

#10 kpriss on 12.29.08 at 3:23 pm

One day, for a single, extraordinary day, I’ll get into the kiss-blogosphere routine! Just for the fun of it! Because if we’re being realistic in calling the fake-ness of a celebrity (so called) designer handbag and shoes (that the very celebrity admits having remade after another designer’s hard work thirty years earlier), we’re bitter!? I don’t know, maybe if I was just saying hey, look, the very french Marc Jacobs is on a spree of inspiration! His divine designer skills pushed him into creating a handbag through his stellar friend-artist-extraordinaire Sofia Coppola (aka Francis Ford’s Coppola’s daughter, you know Francis, the French…) would just make things so original and so chic. And so, yes, French!

So when that kiss-day comes, I’ll let you know, girls! So we can all make fun of “pretty pictures” and “gorgeous outfits” and so on and so on together! That’ll put your rocks to rest, Ellington! ;)

#11 lucy on 02.18.09 at 8:39 am

“french” inspired style, darlings, not actually french roots. Obviously I’m not referring to her heritage.

#12 Ellington on 02.18.09 at 10:08 am

Thanks ever so much for clarifying what you meant lucy,darling.

#13 Jane on 03.26.09 at 7:13 pm

Some people are willing for spend 2k+ for quality and understated chic…even without the overplayed monogram and even if it risks the possibility of some person who knows nothing at true fashion not knowing that it’s a designer bag. That is the true essence of fashion.
I really like this bag!

#14 Jace on 04.02.12 at 1:50 pm

just bought a LV sofia coppola bag from my fav sales guru Joanna at LV on 5th ave. The Chantilly bag is a newer one done by Sofia too. took a week to get an appointment with Joanna at LV but after u see her, its worth only buying from her. so excited to have it. the lime green accent is supurb!

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