Elle MacPherson’s Home In Cotswolds

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The legendary English residential area of Cotswolds has so many celebrities on square feet that I think a regular sidewalk can easily turn into a Red Carpet walk any day! The latest famous resident (weekender, more like permanent resident) of the rural Cotswolds is none the other but The Body, Elle MacPherson!

The iconic model owns a lakeside residence which looks hardly like a rural retreat, but more like the average Miami modern home. But a house must match its owner and the free spirited Elle MacPherson surely treasures her water connection more than the traditional rural aesthetic.

Harper’s Bazaar Australia got inside The Body’s weekend retreat and labeled it with a ‘Bucolic Bliss’ attribute. Hit the jump to see if the name fits the place!

Elle MacPherson home in Cotswolds

As I love quiet, traditional rural homes myself, I tried really hard to see how this three-storey, five-bedroom home is fitting the intimate scenario that a rural hideaway should provide. Elle swears upon the sustainability of this home citing the raw bricks layered with rough timber and textured wallpaper, the leather and velvet sofas or the ceramic tiles from local suppliers.

Elle MacPherson lakefront home in Cotswolds

I guess we have different opinions about what makes a home intimate and sustainable. But through and through, this is a nice tour of a lovely home belonging to one of the most iconic models in continuous fashion time and I’m thankful to the passionate people at tFS who made it possible for me to know and republish this material.

Elle MacPherson home interior in Cotswolds

Elle MacPherson home in Cotswolds fireplace

Elle MacPherson home in Cotswolds couch

Elle MacPherson home in Cotswolds kitchen terrace

Elle MacPherson home in Cotswolds bedroom

Elle MacPherson home in Cotswolds bathroom

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#1 Appollonia on 04.10.13 at 6:06 pm

Ah, I love the Cotswolds but there are lots of modern buildings too. Must be far more since it has been a long time I was there. I think this house ruins the rural aesthetic. Nobody overthere seems to mind though since she got the permission to build this house.

Grrr…why are so many lovely places taken by the rich, by celebrities….sighs…..I love rural places, rural homes and peace of mind……

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