Architectural Digest Shows Karl Lagerfeld’s Paris Apartment

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After we’ve seen pictures from Lagerfeld’s New York Apartment (which is for sale, but nevertheless, it was der Kaiser’s apartment for a while), we now have a guided tour of Lagerfeld’s Parisian Apartment in the French edition of the Architectural Digest. Because, although we’ve seen so many pictures of Karl’s impressive place, we can’t get enough of the majestic artsyness that is Lagerfeld’s home décor display!

And the major attraction of Lagerfeld’s home are the massive stacks of books! We’ve seen and heard so much about der Kaiser’s passion for books, it’s hard to think of his apartment and dissociate it from the humongous library within. I’m so curious to hear what he has to say about his home this time! Back in 2009 when Elle Décor Japan did a feature on Lagerfeld’s Parisian Apartment, the notorious designer said:

“My Apartment is not a house – it’s a spaceship for the city where you don’t feel bound by the earth”

Karl Lagerfeld edited French edition Architectural Digest

Karl Lagerfeld Paris Apartment bedroom

Karl Lagerfeld s books Parisian home

Karl Lagerfeld s home in Paris Karl Lagerfeld s Parisian Apartment Karl Lagerfeld s Apartment in Paris

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#1 Ellington on 04.06.12 at 12:52 pm

Wow I do love the Kaiser’s book wall! : )

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