Hilary Swank Cropped Fashion Disaster For Homesman

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How would you dress for a special comeback in the spotlight after a long absence? With your finest, wouldn’t you? Someone page Hilary Swank and tell her to ditch her stylist! She walked the Red Carpet after nearly 3 years of notable absence proudly wearing a complete fashion disaster!

Attending the premiere of her latest movie ‘The Homesman’ (written and directed by the grand Tommy Lee Jones), Hilary Swank felt a trendy/hipster urge and chose a Delpozo creation from the Spring Summer 2015 collection. Lovely colors, artistic (inspired by Josef Albers’ art), more-than-decent length but a mess overall!

Hilary Swank fashion disaster Red Carpet 2014

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Surprisingly, though, Delpozo’s creative Josep Font, presented the dress in a different combination which actually made sense – the crisp white brought was a nice, schoolgirl-like allure to the ensemble. Hilary, however, opted it out, perhaps in an effort to brag about her perfect abs.

Something about the cropped tops is so very off-putting for most cases. More risqué than a pair of skinny, the cropped top is unforgiving, showing any imperfection, revealing the muffin top in all its splendor. Or, where you’ve got a flawless silhouette like Hilary’s, the Million Dollar Baby, you can still go wrong in the visual ensemble.

styling suggestions for Hilary Swank messy fashion appearance

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This particular strapless cutout dress is unnecessarily accentuating the lengthy cleavage and the weird bra line. A belt would’ve been just fine to define Hilary’s waist, or, to keep it all hipstery and artsy cool, a knotted button down black shirt. And the white pumps? So wrong! Seeing that the skirt is so long, a pair of strappy sandals, on the silver or patent black side would’ve been so much better!

Ladies, regardless of what Carine Roitfeld sais, white pumps are a no-go! Unless you want to stick out like a sore thumb in any gathering!

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Below, a handful of outfits from the same Delpozo Spring 2015 collection which would’ve looked better on Hilary Swank. Comparing with the mess she wore, a simple pair of jeans would’ve been classier!

Delpozo Spring Summer 2015 collection

What do we learn from here? That styling a look beyond the catwalk can really alter it beyond salvation and that regardless of how perfectly fit and shaped you are, your clothes can still bring you down (fashion-wise). What’s left to do? Smile, like Hilary does, and look like you mean it!


#1 Ellington on 10.25.14 at 9:36 am

I like the dress the way that the runway model is wearing it. and to be a tad different I would have worn green shoes or booties with it to give it a bit of a different edge and a green or black blouse underneath. I have to say that in all honesty I did not realize that Hilary Swank was away from the spotlight.

#2 Ana on 10.25.14 at 3:31 pm

YAY!! Spanish designer !!
One of the looks I didnt like in the collection….
The proportions were lost in Hillary outing. Too much fabric waist down and very little waist up. It is like she wrapped herself in a flag at her way out of the beach ( the top,, no words, really)
The white monstrosities at her feet ? (In Germany only ho*kies wear those)
The hair style ?
Oh girl , change the stylist.
Kpriss, I missed a word on Mr Oscar de la Renta. It is your blog and you post what you want, i know, but still….

#3 Adriana V on 10.27.14 at 6:10 pm

Ha, I agree girls,! Grrrrr….. those white shoes wake up my inner ‘serial mom’! ;)

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