Perfumes Are Poisonous?

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There was something bothering me for quite some time: I’ve developed an extra care syndrome (I think it goes beyond attention, beyond care, I think it’s maniac behavior already) to check the labels of many (if not all) the products we buy. It’s something I depicted from a very close cousin who opened my eyes on labels.

Since the first time I laid eyes on my cosmetics labels, I freaked out. Properly. Have you checked your vanity? See how many parabens, acetyls and so many other synthetic substances make your “beauty” product “work”? How about if you check your perfume’s label? See what the magic liquor is really made of? What? There is no ingredients label? Oooh, that’s right! There’s no ingredients label on perfumes! Why is that? (don’t miss the perfumes with real chances of harming us right after the jump!)

Perfumes chemicals study

Because of a simple law (dating from 1973), a specification in the Federal Fair Packaging and labeling Act which requires companies to list ingredients on cosmetics, specifications have been made. But wait! No, there’s no mention about fragrances. So – no ingredients list on those precious perfumes bottles!

A recent study conducted by the Environmental Working Group (commissioned by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics) tested a number of common fragrances. The result is not so pretty as they’ve discovered a handful of potentially damaging chemicals used in the perfumes formula which weren’t listed anywhere. Why should we care? Because that fragrance we love so much and we spray on our skin (as spraying perfume on fibers other than human skin can – and will – alter its scent) is instantly absorbed by our body cells and driven into our blood. And from there… you get the picture!

Chemicals hidden in perfumes

Now let’s see which are the perfumes that should be written on the black list: Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio (with 40 dangerous chemical ingredients on board), American Eagle’s Seventy Seven (24 secret chemical in its composition), again Armani’s Acqua di Gio (19 sesitizing chemicals which can be responsible for allergic reactions), Halle by Halle Berry, Quicksilver and Jennifer Lopez J Lo Glow (7 chemical ingredients called “hormone distruptors” – yes, that means they can disrupt the natural hormones), Chanel Coco, Halle by Halle Berry, American Eagle Seventy Seven (16 chemicals which were not yet declared as safe).

To sum it up: from the normal 14 chemicals combo contained by the average fragrance out there, some perfume formulas can be strikingly concentrated in chemical substances. Here’s the high voltage pack: leading this top is American Eagle Seventy Seven, second threat on the list is none the other but the legendary Chanel Coco, then comes Britney Spears Curious, Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio for men, Old Spice After Hours Body Spray for men, Quicksilver for men, Calvin Klein Eternity for men, Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom, Calvin Klein Eternity for women, Halle by Halle Berry, Hannah Montana Secret Celebrity, Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Wish, Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce for men, Jennifer Lopez J Lo Glow, AXE Body Spray for Men Shock, Clinique Happy Perfume Spray, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue.

If your perfume drawer instantly feels like the most dangerous place of the house, please feel free to consult’s EWG Not so Sexy’s website here to see the full report on what is what in perfumes. It may not be pleasant to read, but it sure is useful. I think it’s a great, helpful initiative (and I had absolutely no idea what my precious perfume could contain), what say you? (via)

Perfumes chemicals within


#1 Café au lait on 05.21.10 at 2:37 pm

I decided that I will try yo live like before the war 94 in my country when I lived in a small villag,
I try to remind me how we used to eat and wht kind of things my granmother used.

no perfume, no threated products. anyway it’s difficult when you live in Europe.

But for sure I don’t use perfume, even if some times I stink feet.

#2 Adriana on 05.22.10 at 6:40 am

Yes, we are estranged from nature and their good things. Though we’re not estranged from our human nature……
I’ve bookmarket an article about the amount off poisoned ingredients we use in our beauty care and make up throughout our life and it’s shocking. One need to be a scientist to really understand what we use, what we eat….:(

#3 sonya on 05.22.10 at 11:58 pm

i didn’t know why i stopped wearing some of the perfumes that are available “out there” in the world of sephora and other retail outlets..

now i know! they use to make me sick!
i am very sensitive to many cosmetics and soaps.

someone in the fda should take note of what they put in perfumes.

thanks kpriss for calling our attention to this issue.

as deliver :-)

#4 bla on 06.01.10 at 8:23 am

if u think they are so poisonous why not just buy those natural oils and those natural parfumes?…

#5 anonymus on 06.19.12 at 2:56 pm

I spent 5 years using the perfume Eternity by Calvin Klein (for woman) and I never spent anything!. Anyway long ago that because now I use “I am naked” Danica perfume that I like more.

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