Vivienne Westwood Opus Artistic Portraits

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Posing for Vivienne Westwood is an honor, it seems. Her book of portraits involved more than 50 friends and family members.

The curious thing about the book, however, it the fact that it was shot with the world’s largest Polaroid camera so the pictures end up measuring 50cm by 60cm!

Vivienne Westwood Opus Covers

Naomi Campbell was among the big names who accepted the invitation to this special book of portraits. Seems that Vivienne Westwood admires her greatly for her energy and for her always overbooked schedule.

Naomi Campbell Vivienne Westwood Opus

But then again, so she admires Kate Moss:

Kate Moss Vivienne Westwood Opus

She’s very shy, and every time she does a shot, she needs to know if that magic is working on the picture or not. Maybe she doubts herself. She needs to see this ‘thing’ emerge. It is amazing, because she’s a little skinny girl before she’s photographed, but in pictures, she becomes larger than life.

Naomi Campbell Vivienne Westwood Opus Small Image Kate Moss Vivienne Westwood Opus Small Image

..or Jerry Hall for her natural, simple ways and her refusal to go catwalk without putting on some perfume first.

Jerry Hall Vivienne Westwood Opus

Seems Lizzy Jagger made her debut on a Vivienne Westwood runway and it seems only logical that the youngest, Georgia May, follow the same path.

Georgia May Vivienne Westwood Opus Georgia May Vivienne Westwood Opus Colored

Ms Westwood is wonderfully modest, as described in this interview, remembering all the good things and especially all the good in the people she met along the years.

Vivienne Westwood Opus

Even if she’s rather surprising in tastes and attitude, this life-scrap-book along with her warm words mean to crayon an old charming lady with a great experience and a grandmother approach.

Vivienne Westwood Baby Opus Picture

This being said, let’s snap out of the dream and get back to reality – due to be released during London Fashion Week, the Opus is tagged with $2.730, each of the 900 copies being signed by Vivienne Westwood. Let’s not forget how the books presents itself – 80cm high, 64cm wide and weighs 25kg!

Fergie Vivienne Westwood Opus Jerry Hall and Georgia May Vivienne Westwood Opus

Celebrating the designers return after nine-year catwalk break, the Opus itself has nine different cover designs (including text from her Active Resistance to Propaganda manifesto).

Katia Vivienne Westwood Opus Joe and Cora Vivienne Westwood Opus

Oh, and if you are in London, go see the pictures yourself until 16 February at the Scream Gallery.

Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton Vivienne Westwood Opus
Vivienne Westwood Opus Picture

The pictures in this article featured Vivienne Westwood, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Jerry Hall and Georgia May, Fergie, Katia, Helena Bonham-Carter and Tim Burton. I don’t know about you, but I always fall for pictures with a meaning. And these pictures here (as well as the rest of the Opus portraits) speak not only about fashion, but about life.

No art, no progress!

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#1 valentine on 05.22.08 at 6:35 am

these are some gorgeous fotos! vivienne westwood is such an inspiration.. <3

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#3 George C on 09.02.08 at 12:28 pm

Those are friggin horrible Vivien Westwood sucks. What a f*ing joke… put a celeb in the photo and it’s considered a great shot. I’m so sick of celebs and their enablers.

#4 Nick on 03.27.09 at 5:27 pm

I’m sorry but vivien westwood is truely terrible. Just because she was around at the time of punk etc people still hold her as one of the true great fashion designers, when really she lost the plot a long time ago and everything she designs is truelly terrible.

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