Stars Wearing Same Grey Dress: Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson

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We’re all unique, but isn’t there’s something really awkward about meeting someone who’s wearing the exact same thing you do? I somewhat do… and I can only imagine a fraction of that awkwardness when famous people are involved! The pressure of being famous and unique must weigh down on stylists’ shoulders!

But I wouldn’t thought that could happen to Kimmy – her being styled by Kanye West and all.. There she goes, wearing the exact same gown as Jennifer Hudson, although the dresses look sensitively different! While I’m certain that Jennifer has a stylist to advise her, I wonder what happened to Kim Kardashian who was under Kanye’s protective yet weird fashion wing. Oh, wait, I think I know – earlier, when I mentioned the Nike Yeezy 2, I remember reading that Kanye is busy rehearsing for his next tour. So maybe Kimmy was forced to use someone else’s style vision?

The dress itself is utterly feminine and classic at the same time and I prefer Jennifer over Kim if I were to choose just one look. But as I’ve said before, Kim and her newly enhanced curves have a legion of faithful admirers and although I keep wondering if other clothing options weren’t available to keep things more wrapped, I understand some watchers’ desire to admire.

stars wearing the same dress Kim Kardashian Jennifer Hudson

However, as the latest gossip columnists report, Kim Kardashian is looking for a serious image change as she’s been all over the news with her successful diet which, she claims, fully recovered her pre-baby body. But more surprises await us along the road as Kimmy rumoredly changed her publicist (the publicist is charged with shaping and promoting one’s image/brand acting as a liaison between the audience and the brand in question). With her new designer friends and styled by Carine Roitfeld, I expect more weird wardrobe moves in the future. But at least she’s more than just another reality tv show star, right?

Kim Kardashian new wardrobe Donna Karan grey dress

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