Vagabond Sandals On The Catwalk: Trina Turk Spring 2014 Collection

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Here’s a look straight out of the catwalk from the Spring 2014 Fashion Week happening right now in New York.

Trina Turk Spring 2014 collection was surprisingly casual and wearable and their new Vagabond leather sandals she put on display for both men and women may already be in your closet (the shape is oh-so-familiar). And if not, it’s time to stock on those casual, super comfy sandals for they’ll be the rage of the next spring! Just you wait and see!

Spring 2014 sandals Vagabond Trina Turk collection

Whether in black (for the men) or in butter with golden details (for the ladies), the new sandals from Trina Turk aptly named the ‘Vagabond sandals‘ will take you anywhere you need to go in a quick, comfy, fashionable step. If the look doesn’t feel convincing or hip enough for you, just think that so many celebrities and models wear Birkenstock sandals which are so similar to these ones here that were highlighted on the catwalk that you may at least try them for once. Out of curiosity.

It may be all you need! I bought my first pair of Birkenstock sandals a couple of years ago and I can’t wear anything else since – I’m certain the new Trina Turk Vagabond sandals are just the same, or better. At least fashion-wise.

sandals on the catwalk Trina Turk Spring 2014

However, since the new sandals will only be available next year, I can only share with you my Birkenstock wearing experience. From the very first day I started wearing them, my footwear life changed! Would I buy another pair of Birkenstock sandals? Definitely! Why? Here’s three simple reasons:

{1} catwalk fashion copycat: as the pictures hereby suggest – they’re pretty much the cheapest catwalk sandals ever! $120 for a pair of Birkenstock Arizona sandals? Even if I wasn’t their biggest fan, I would’ve tried their footwear once. Just to see why they made it up on the catwalk! Sure, you can find Trina Turk’s sandals at aproximately $80 or $100. On sale. But I’m certain the new Vagabond shoes will enter the boutique with a higher price tag.

Vagabond leather sandals Spring 2014 Trina Turk

Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Sandals price

{2} unique and healthy footwear: the soles of the Birkenstock sandals are specially conceived to evenly distribute the body weight and they’re adaptable to your foot’s shape and needs (I would love to say the same about the Trina Turk Vagabond sandals, but there’s no press release referencing these facts yet.)

sandals for men black suede Vagabond Trina Turk SS2014

{3} quality, sustainable, ethical footwear: the timeless designs have made the German original Birkenstock footwear a favorite shoes destination for over 200 years. Through all that time, the experience and the respect they put into each and every pair of sandals, shoes and clogs have earned them the gratitude and loyalty of customers worldwide. The shoes are made of natural, recycled materials like cork, latex, leather or leather like uppers. The obvious similarity of the Trina Turk Vagabond and Birkenstock Arizona sandals is proof enough of the legendary design of the original German comfort footwear.

Summer 2014 sandals Vagabond leather Trina Turk

Bottom line: don’t judge before you try! Once you put on your firs pair of Birkenstocks, you might want to keep them forever! And I can only wish the same for the new Vagabond sandals from Trina Turk!

Should this story would ever come to the attention of the nice people from Trina Turk, I would love to be able to include some detailed images of their new Vagabond sandals in my report. (images styledotcom, birkenstockusadotcom)


#1 Trina Turk on 09.09.13 at 10:26 am

The women’s shoes we showed yesterday at the Trina Turk presentation at New York Fashion Week are from the new Trina Turk footwear collection–our Vagabond Sandal. Platinum leather with gold hardware and an espadrille rope around the sole distinguish these from the run of the mill Birkenstock!

#2 Kellie on 02.16.14 at 8:03 am

Are the vagabond sandals available now ?

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