3 Successful Actresses Leading Fall’s Beauty Ad Campaigns

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While still under the menacing ‘last season’s trend’, nail art is slowly but steadily passing in last when it comes to this fall’s beauty ad campaigns. Cosmetics giants are putting all their money where the stars are so that we, completely blinded by their shine and fame, we’d just ravage the beauty counters in search for whatever they’re selling. Because we need that. We need whatever they’re selling for the promise of eternal beauty and fame, supreme recognition and adoration.

Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman and Diane Kruger were all contracted as spokespersons for three different brands in their respective beauty ad campaigns. Cate Blanchett is famously representing Giorgio Armani’s SI perfume ad campaign, a job that earned her a $10 Million paycheck. (there’s more under the cut, don’t miss the video after the jump!)

most important fall beauty ad campaigns

The perfume in itself, however, is a reinterpretation of Giorgio Armani Chypre perfume which ends in vanilla and carries tones of patchouli, amber, neroli, rose de mai absolue and Egyptian Jasmine absolue and it will be available through Harrods at $130 for the 100ml Eau de Parfum.

Cate Blanchett 10 Million Armani perfume ad

Natalie Portman returns in Dior’s advertising campaigns as the face of Rouge Dior in the Fall 2013 Rouge Dior ad campaign, representing a product that celebrates its 60th anniversary this year with an impressive collection of 32 lipstick shades and 12 nuances of Contour Lip Pencil (like I said, nails come in last as only 4 Dior Le Vernis nail lacquers were launched for this fall’s Dior Beauty palette).

Natalie Portman red lips Rouge Dior ad campaign

As far as Diane Kruger’s Chanel ad campaign goes, it was shot by Peter Lindbergh and carries his 80s cinematic visual trademark in a commercial narrated by Diane herself. Although I was waiting for Karl Lagerfeld to get 100% involved in this marketing initiative as he and Diane are not only neighbors but also close friends, I was surprised to discover the relative linear and unconvincing marketing concept of the new Chanel Where Beauty Begins Ad Campaign

Natalie Portman Dior Beauty Fall collection campaign

I’m puzzled though: while every single beauty ad campaigns capitalizes on the ‘inner beauty’, they all sell products meant for the outer beauty. Chanel’s face care regimens, Giorgio Armani’s perfume, Dior’s lipsticks… like the customers were all just blank canvases waiting to be painted with their watercolors, oil colors and crayons. Where’s the ‘inner beauty’ to begin with?

Diane Kruger Chanel Where Beauty Begins Campaign


#1 lila on 08.20.13 at 10:16 am

I really wanted to know the shade Natalie Portman is wearing in the Dior ad. Do you know? Would it be shade 999?

#2 kpriss on 08.21.13 at 12:12 pm

The odd thing about print ads, lila, is that because of the quality of the print, the quality of the initial photograph and the oh-too-many different computer screens, the original color deteriorates and goes through so many changes that it becomes practically unrecognizable.

With such a sensitive palette as the lipstick/makeup palette, there are many possibilities for the above image:
ARA 999, like you said

Most certainly when the ads break in print, they’ll also mention the nuance she’s wearing!

#3 npadilla on 09.15.13 at 8:49 pm

I wish they’d print the color in small print, somewhere on the ad page. Its frustrating not knowing and not getting an answer. I’m also in love the color. Might have to go in to stores. I personally think it might be rouge cannage 941 very close color to 999. Hopes this helps

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