Bugatti For Elysium, Bentley For Bags: How To Choose Your New Bag!

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While there was much bragging about Elysium’s fashion choices (namely the perfectly shaped Armani suits Jodie Foster’s character was wearing 24/7), less was said about the movie’s other visual branding. One of which, Bugatti, was particularly spotlighted during this summer’s most expected sci-fi blockbuster.

Should you have seen the movie and not felt particularly interested in Elysium’s technological crumbs, you still might remember the famous getaway shuttle used by Mr Carlyle. The red and black design is particularly flashy and, although assorted to Armadyne’s visual signatures (a similar red-black combo is also used for the droids), the Elysian Fulgar Shuttle is an emblematic vision of the movie. Both a spectacular transport vehicle and a fashion statement, Armadyne’s design is actually based on a Bugatti Veyron. Stunning machinery.

But wait, there’s more in our news bag today! Bugatti may have made it onto the big screen in a spectacular appearance, but Bentley has announced its foray into handbags while a Hong Kong-based loan company is using luxury handbags as collateral on loans. (got your attention already? Click through, we have loads to talk about!)

Bugatti Elysium Shuttle vs Bugatti Veyron

Until now, the general fashion public was accustomed to associating bags and cars on special edition items but it looks like, from now on, we’ll have to get our brand references all mixed up for Bentley entered the luxury handbags domain with an enviable grace and ease. In just a few days, the new luxury arm candy with a Bentley logo will be available for prices such as $7,000 or $5,500 and names and colors hinting at the fantastic Bentley automobiles (‘Fireglow Red’, ‘Neptune Blue’ and names such as ‘The Continental’ and ‘The Barnato’ inspired by – said wwd – ‘a late English aviatrix, Diana Barnato-Walker, incidentally passionate and loyal Bentley client).

new luxury handbag Bentley

Of course, when it comes to drawing a parallel with Bugatti, they may have made it big in movies, but a generic Bugatti Weekender Bag still sells for $300 at current exchange rates on bugatti-collection dot com. A bargain? Nah, Ettore Bugatti didn’t focus on bags when he set out to build and sell world’s fastest, most expensive cars! Throwing in an extra $300 when you buy a $2,250 Million car sounds like a bad joke, doesn’t it?

Bugatti weekender bag

So if you’re a forward fashion thinker and envisage your bag as a financial loan instrument, namely with the ‘Yes Lady Finance Co.’ we talked about at the beginning of this story, don’t put all your money in Bugatti’s Weekender basket! Cut a zero from the Veyron’s price and you can buy yourself a pretty Bentley Continental GT (for apx $200,000) and throw in an extra $5,500 for the Bentley Continental assorted bag. Which falls into the ‘luxury handbag’ category accepted as loan collateral at the financial Hong Kong firm that, according to wsj, doesn’t need its loan clients to present proof of income but a genuine luxury designer bag. Oh, and they’re also discrete if your bag proves to be a fake – they won’t say a word about it, they’ll just deny your loan, simple as that!

new must have luxury bags Bentley

So my dahlings, what would it be? Elysium’s $2 Million Bugatti or Bentley’s $250 Continental and $5,500 assorted Continental Bentley bag?


#1 Appollonia on 08.17.13 at 9:06 am

If I get it right Elysium is another sneaky advertorial? Very nice stuff for the Illuminati.
A fan of as well of Jody Foster as Matt Damon’s acting this looks like another boring Hollywood blockbuster to me. The trailer was enough. When does people get bored of this sh*t?

#2 kpriss on 08.18.13 at 11:23 pm

Every movie is just another clever way to merchandise everything! If we only watched movies for art reasons, everything would be different. I think. But it is what it is and we live in the present so with just a little filtering we can still concentrate on the story. And the story was good as well as the acting.

Jodie Foster was unforgivingly suited for her Delacour part and Matt Damon was much better than the writer’s first choice, Eminem! Actually – I’m happy Eminem turned it down so that Matt Damon could shine through!

A blockbuster? definitely. But a good one! Would choose Elysium before Superman, Wolverine and the rest of this year’s marvel/dc comics pack!

#3 Appollonia on 08.22.13 at 7:19 am

No, not per se every movie is just another clever way to merchandise everything.
I watch movies in the first place because of my love for cinema. For a good story, great acting and something more interesting than just action and dazzling special effects. Or merchandise for stuff I can never ever afford.
Hollywood is ruled by managers and that shows. Even in this present there’s still room for great movies. Bless!
I have no doubts the acting is good. After all Jodie and Matt are great actors. I can name great movies by both actors.
For instance let’s stay in the present and name just Steven Soderbergh’s Behind the Candelabra also with Matt Damon and he’s brilliant in it. Michael Douglas plays the part of his life as Liberace. Hollywood did not want this film. Not commercial enough, too gay thus controversial blahblah. So Sodenbergh made it for the small screen. The rest is history. That movie is a huge triumph. And it will probably end up in movie-history. While Elysium won’t.
I have no doubts it’s a good action movie and you have had a great time. :)

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