Gwen Stefani’s Boots Dr Martens Cherry Boots

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Though she just graced the cover of Vogue US January 2013, Gwen Stefani seems to be spending the Holidays in the UK. Recently spotted in Primrose Hill, walking around with her husband, her kids and her step daughter, Gwen Stefani was sporting her usual edgy look.

I loved her hat – my inner hat gal was envious of her hat coolness. I was in complete and total awe about her layering capacities – that long cardi underneath an army coat? Sheer fashion brilliance! But wait – what’s there finishing up her army – edgy mom outfit?

A nice, comfy pair of Dr Martens boots! Cherry, all pretty laced up (curiously, I always thought Dr Martens boots were for the young population. teens and tweens. clearly I was wrong). But really? Gwen Stefani? Vogue cover girl wearing a pair of $120 boots we too can wear? Wow, now I see why the world didn’t end on the 21st! (image Wenn via; DrMartens)

Gwen Stefani boots walking kids

Gwen Stefani s boots Dr Martens cherry boots

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#1 Ellington on 12.23.12 at 8:33 pm

Dr. Martens are cool. I still have mine which are black. Gwen’s are nifty and so is the ensemble she is wearing.

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