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The Truth About The Lagerfeld Barbie Doll
Since the news about an upcoming Barbie Karl Lagerfeld was released online, countless social channels started spreading the word and numerous fashion enthusiasts (more or... Read More

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32 Fashion Designers Dolls For Charity
Are you fascinated with fashion and fashion designers? Are you already caught up in the ‘giving spirit’ of the Holidays? Here’s a little something to... Read More

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Barbie Fall Wardrobe Designer Update
Girls do love their dolls, don’t they? So it would be slightly unfair to only preoccupy ourselves with our fall wardrobe and ignore our dolls... Read More

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Would You Buy The Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Doll?
We covered the unusually addictive topic of Barbie Collector dolls in the past, so this isn’t so surprising after all. A new Elizabeth Taylor Barbie... Read More

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Would You Buy Twilight’s Edward And Bella Wedding Dolls?
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two topped the box office sales during the Thanksgiving weekend, making it one of the most popular movies of a generation.... Read More

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Best Gift For Little Girls This Christmas
You know I have a serious weak spot for anything and everything Pixar. Actually, when the yearly Pixar project comes out, it’s pretty much a... Read More

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Vintage Advertising: Gay Doll For Everyone!
Remember when we all agreed upon the neverending charm of vintage advertising? Here’s another for the collection: Come out of the closet with Gay Bob,... Read More

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Walking Dead Barbie
Today I read some really disturbing news – there’s a special military corp getting ready for the zombie apocalypse. Fighting tactics, weaponry, you name it!... Read More

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