Why Did Lindsey Wixson Cut Her Hair?

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While still unspoken and disguised under an appreciable amount of admiration and congratulations, the question on everyone’s minds when a model cuts her hair is ‘whyyyyyy?!!!’. It happened when Karlie Kloss shortened her gloriously long mane and now we’re at it again with Lindsey Wixson’s new haircut.

Ah, yes, she did cut her hair! But, you know, it actually happens to the best of them! Remember young Kate Moss with her short hair in 2001? Or Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista in 1990? Or even Audrey Hepburn? All these stunning beauties went through a short hair phase. Why? Maybe fashion, maybe just a boost of self confidence, who’s to tell?

But Lindsey Wixson here was kind enough to answer someone who was brave enough to ask ‘the question’: why? Now we all know and realize that since our beloved models look so glammed up all the time, their hair suffers just like ours. So Lindsey’s – who is jut 19, mind you! – cut her hair so short because it was all burnt out. Permed and who-knows-what again as to make it look a totally different texture than her natural hair.

Lindsey Wixson cut her hair

So my dahlings, Lindsey is just growing out her normal, healthy hair again. There’s no real ‘short hair fashion’ happening right now, and no, she’s not copying Karlie Kloss, just in case you were wondering about that… Oh, and the stylist who did the chop is the iconic Dutch hairstylist, Christiaan Houtenbos who worked with pretty much everyone from Grace Jones to Kate Upton (the images were kindly provided by Lindsey herself via her Instagram and those who Kate Moss by PA)

Kate Moss with long hair and short hair

Lindsey Wixson s new haircut

Lindsey Wixson s hair texture

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