5 Timeless Black And White Fall Outfits Proposed By Iman, The Style Icon

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… sharing her grace and wit with Net-a-Porter’s The Edit while covering their latest issue. Which I’ve come to appreciate greatly for its fashion focus with different ladies I look up to fashion-wise and other-wise. Because, make no mistake, beauty comes from the inside and style is build by and with character not with loaded credit cards and mindless shopping.

I’ve long admired Iman and I think she’s is and forever will be one of the most fashionable ladies, of exceptional beauty and brains. Not the kind that will build you a NASA robot (which she might as well do if confronted with the task) but the kind that will ensure a peaceful, happy home/living. And that, my dahlings – ask anyone – is sometimes harder to achieve than the said NASA robot! Iman is 58, 5ft 9in and 142pounds. Just in case we have some lovely readers who are passionate about numbers!

Iman latest magazine cover at 58

But there’s so much more to Iman than numbers! And David Bowie – oh, if you just landed from Mars: Iman is married with Sir David Bowie for over 21 years. And despite of the ups and downs, the coups and the cracks (pun intended), they’re still going strong, more enviable than ever. And, as I discovered by reading the interview, this might be a question of principles. Iman seems to have certain rules of conduct that she’s adamant about. Not even Oprah had access to the couple’s apartment or Iman’s wardrobe. Funny, huh?

black and white wardrobe Iman

Despite of their obviously public professions and successful careers (David just released a new album, highly praised by critics and public alike while Iman has her own cosmetics company and more fashion ventures we reminded along the years) nothing shatters their privacy. And other than what Iman is revealing from their day-to-day personal life, there’s hardly any source to pick on their intimacy. So rare and so beautiful for and old-fashioned girl like myself who is notoriously private and opinionated with you for so many years!

I will stop here though because I can absolutely continue praising Iman for hours as she is definitely one of my role models, but! Let’s talk fashion, not just style, mkay?

classic timeless black and white looks Iman

So what was Iman wearing in this session with Net-a-Porter styled by Tracy Taylor and photographed by Victor Demarchelier? She’s wearing basically black and white in every shot. Skirt, pants or dress, Iman is wearing the clothes with elegance and naturalness. From Calvin Klein black dress accessorized with a gorgeous necklace from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane to her killer smile in a Roland Mouret white top and Stella McCartney pants accessorized with Marc by Marc Jacobs and Givenchy cuffs, Iman is teaching us how to be versatile in black and white!

I loved her black Calvin Klein Collection top paired with the Alexander McQueen black pants with white side panels (not so stoked on the white pumps, though – you know how I feel about white shoes into the daily wear routine – it’s a no-go!) and absolutely loved the Ancient Greek Sandals with black and white straps she matched with a long skirt and blazer by Givenchy.

My favorite photo is the one where she’s wearing a black tux suit from Stella and a golden leaved necklace from Herve Van der Straeten – her smile and the entire classic look compliment each other in an effortless, timeless look I would love to replicate and wear extensively! (if you’d like to read the interview yourself and find out how Iman felt about her TV Fashion Show participation, you can head on here)

Iman black suit Stella McCartney

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#1 Appollonia on 08.01.13 at 10:14 am

I wasn’t aware Iman is a fashion icon but I do like her a lot.
This is a very nice photo shoot. Especially because Iman shows her beautiful smile. :)

David Bowie has always been private when it comes to his private life. I admire him the way his son could grow up out of the limelight. I admire Iman and David doing the same with their daughter. So it’s not really a surprise they let no one inside their home. Good on them. :)

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