Jennifer Garner And Michelle Williams Selling MaxMara And LV Bags This Fall

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Countless years of tactics and misleading strategies may try to tell you otherwise, but this is the basic truth, my dahlings: advertising is just a way to convince people to take money out of their pockets! This pretty much ruins the advertorial charm, but sometimes we need a quick reminder in order to really appreciate the just value of any given instance or item.

Today’s case is a double advertising incident: Jennifer Garner was appointed the spokesface of MaxMara’s new fall 2013 advertising campaign which focuses on accessories. And more specifically on the JBag. Michelle Williams, on the other hand, keeps on capitalizing her Monroe-fame and partnered up with Louis Vuitton for a new ad campaign, photographed by Peter Lindbergh as you’ll see in the video after the jump.

Jennifer Garner MaxMara Michelle Williams Louis Vuitton campaigns

While Jennifer Garner is far from being a fashion icon and more, she’s a self-described ‘pragmatic’ when it comes to her style, the MaxMara campaign keeps it simple and sober, with just a soft game of colors to smooth the visuals.

fall bags Jennifer Garner MaxMara Michelle Williams LV

What you’ll notice in both campaigns is that when it comes to accessories, fashion brands don’t like you to lose focus. Therefore, in the advertorial imagery you’ll see the model/celebrity in a covetable attitude towards the product in question. Not a wild backdrop, not an outdoor setting that could lighten up the mood or dilute the essence of the product.

With its ups and downs, the industry is turning towards accessories once more. Will we be witnessing a revival of the ‘it-bag’? Perhaps the reason why they’re fighting to hard to minimize the beauty industry’s reign on the market (what, have you not heard that nail art is dead? It’s the latest trend that’s being injected in our heads, don’t let yourself poisoned with that and take my word for it, nail art is not dead. Never was and never will be. It’s just a fight for who’s selling more and what.)

Jennifer Garner MaxMara accessories ad campaign

Jennifer Garner Max Mara fall 2013 ad campaign

Michelle Williams Louis Vuitton handbags ad campaign

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