Iman Helps You Redecorate Your House

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Something about supermodels and the home interiors business tells me it’s not a coincidence that Iman has her own line of fabricsIman Home. In collaboration with P/K Lifestyles, a division of P/Kaufmann (and available this very September in Calico Corners and Calico Home stores), the new fabrics look amazing and sound inviting.

Iman actually was an active part of the creative process, especially with the names:“I had all the fabrics in front of me. Istanbul Sunset reminded me of a Rothko painting, but it also reminded me of Turkey. All of the naming took a day and a lot of Googling. I wanted to find, for instance, where peacocks are from. It’s hard to brainstorm, but once you start going, you get in a groove. I wanted to call the solids Paparazzi, but Lady Gaga already took that, so I went with Glitterati.”

The outcome? 15 decorative fabrics grouped in Urban Eclectic and Modern Glamour: Alexandria Scroll, Alhambra Amour, Assyrian Vine, Deauville Dance, Glitterati, Istambul Sunset, Java Moon, Punjab Peacock, Sultana Lattice, Zebra Oasis. Sounds interesting? (via 1, 2, 3)

Iman fabrics collection

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