Tom Ford Ad Campaign For Women. Really?

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And if so, what’s wrong with this fall’s advertising? Are the general trends so hideous as to deliver the intoxicatingly unhappy imagery out for the media to praise and glorify? Is this a new height of snobbery and elitism to produce a clearly blunt and poorly inspired initiative that would allegedly help in selling fashion goods?

I have no Front Row invite to lose, no freebie to gain by saying it as it is: if this indeed proves to be Tom Ford For Women Fall 2013 ad campaign, it was done while he was away, on a desert island, cuffed to a giant rock, blindfolded and earplugged. All his senses numbed beyond compare and even so, he’d had no excuse for producing, signing and backing this imagery as his own.

All three graces photographed in this ensemble, Soo Joo Park, Herieth Paul and Gemma Refoufi could’ve been, should’ve been, would’ve been, if it hadn’t been… this Ka-Pow! (on a side note: pink makeup is definitely happening! hurray for pink!)

Tom Ford Fall 2013 ad campaign for women

UPDATE: as the image leaked online proved to be from the actual campaign, I decided to add the rest of the shoots for a global perspective. It’s pretty hard – if not impossible – to consider that these ads imagined by Tom Ford for his eponymous label have nothing to do with his newly discovered fatherhood.

Tom Ford fall winter 2013 ad campaign women

He could’ve pictured the girls two by two. Four by four. But no! Instead he grouped them in handsome threesome. Because his family just got bigger with wee Alexander. So they’re three now. And so are his girls. One for each taste, trying to mend it all into a peaceful game of fashion aesthetics.

Tom Ford shoes fall 2013 ad campaign

What? It’s all in reference to games and comic books. The entire collection. See? Games-kids… It’s all the same. Fatherhood takes its toll on mr Ford here. But we love it, don’t we?

Tom Ford Fall 2013 women ad campaign

Tom Ford eyewear fall 2013

Tom Ford eyeglasses frames Fall 2013 ad campaign

Tom Ford eyewear women fall 2013 ad campaign

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