Garance Dore Is Going Retail With Marc O’Polo

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Chances are that you may not be aware of it, but the next logical step in a fashion blogger’s curriculum, beyond the First Row&Backstage Pass&Freebies, is a fashion collection. For some fashbloggers, this is their lifelong dream come true.

Garance Dore, however, is not your average fashion blogger. She’s fashblogging royalty, the blue blood of street fashion photography pours through her veins and keep us inspired with her ever-so-funny and witty approach. For those of you who were literally living under a stone and weren’t au courant, Garance Dore and Scott Shumann aka the Sartorialist have formed, for a couple of years now, the golden couple of fashblogging. Because together, they get even more coverage and attention than they would on their separate blogging ways.

So Garance is already living the dream. Her collection with Marc O’Polo is like a bonus. The extra crystal slipper in her already crammed up shoe closet. But, then again, it doesn’t hurt (for Marc O’Polo) to have a formal engagement with the much esteemed fashion blogger as the past has taught us that unbranded drawings of fashion bloggers on various t-shirt is bad legal news.

Long story short: starting this August, you can buy Marc O’Polo t-shirts and sweatshirts with Garance Dore’s lovely drawings on. Wwd counted a total of eight models in five colors. So if you’re a real fan, you’ll buy one of each and keep the economy running smoothly, like our dear friend, Appollonia sais!

Garance Dore Marc o Polo

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#1 Appollonia on 06.17.13 at 10:28 am

Lolz! Appollonia loves to use the phrase ‘I have to keep the economy running’ for every purchase she does not really need ;)

But there’s also truth in my words….but that’s another story. ;)

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