Kate Upton From Vogue Brazil To Redemption Choppers Campaign

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Kate Upton continues her ascension on the fashion’s ladder one Vogue cover at the time. After Anna Wintour named her the world’s hottest supermodel, Vogue Brazil put some nice clothes on the 21-year-old American model and announced the end of the skinny dictatorship.

Whether that will prove to be real, only time will tell. Crystal Renn tried to pull a similar stunt on the fashion industry a couple of years ago and instead of changing the standard fashion body, she changed her own body by dieting/exercising and losing weight again. Will Kate Upton succumb to the same pressure and diminish her voluptuous frame?

Kate Upton Vogue Brazil Redemption Choppers

Redemption Choppers Summer 2013 Ad Campaign is surely betting it all on her present silhouette. The revealing cleavage and sensual imagery they’re promoting for the hot season is something Kate Upton knows all to well how to push forward. After all, Uncle Terry handpicked her…

Kate Upton Vogue Brasil July 2013 cover

Kate Upton Redemption Choppers

Kate Upton ad campaign Redemption Choppers


#1 Appollonia on 07.01.13 at 10:03 am

Trends come, go, are invented again and so on…..
It was to be expected that the super skinny trend would once comes to an end.

Yesterday I posted a photo of Marilyn Monroe at my FB page with a text. I’m not much into quotes and such but this one made sense. Looking at the photo I realized Marilyn and also that other legend Elizabeth Taylor would be considered fat and wouldn’t get a part in a movie let alone a photoshoot!

The text said: “Before anorexia and implants there was se><y."

I have nothing against this girl and her face or her body. I'm almost envious!

And have you seen Doutzen Kroes for Vogue Brazil of late? Also handpicked by Uncle Terry. Doutzen claims she adores Terry. Calls him a nice and sweet man…..So?

Also the one and only beautiful Naomi Campbell showed off what she still has at the opening of the couture week yesterday in 'something' Versace.

#2 Appollonia on 07.01.13 at 10:08 am

I almost forgot before Crystal Renn there was Sophie Dahl.

It would be great if all healthy body types were accepted in fashion.

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