Crystal Renn Still A Plus Size Model

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Plus size model Crystal Renn (who got there because of her anorexia troubles) welcomed back exercise into her life, after seven years. That’s a healthy attitude and we applaud it.

The first direct consequence of that decision was Crystal Renn losing weight. Which was unacceptable since she’s a true example for plus size women out there: she’s bearing the weight of the model world on her shoulders. Non-zero-sized women out there rely on her and her statements. However, when photos of Fashion for Passion appeared, Crystal looked way thinner than what we were ready to accept from a plus size model. (don’t miss the video right after the jump!)

Crystal Renn photoshopped thinner before after

She needed to come forth and explain. And that’s what she did. So Crystal’s Fashion for Passion was heavily photoshopped. The “before” image now makes the rounds of the fashinterwebs. So is a video of Crystal from The View where she’s detailing her reaction and her current state-of-weight. Do you think her fight to get rid of the titles (genre size zero, plus size model) is a fair one? Should the fashion industry take note and call them all “just models” or just carry on minding the products and the smoke and mirrors game? (via)

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