Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Walk Off The Earth

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Have you ever felt helpless when faced with the need to choose between this or that… say dress? Lipstick? Nail polish? How about this or that song/video?

I’ve been sitting on it for two days and it didn’t help either. So I’ll just go ahead and just open this topic, hopefully I’ll get more enthusiastic admirers like myself, to add to the Walk off the Earth fame and glory! What? you weren’t familiar with Walk off the Earth before? Hit the jump and get to know them! You’ll feel this amazing flow of creativity, inspiration, joy and positive energy pouring towards you with every second of their every tune!

Walk Off the Earth members

As I told you, I can’t decide which song to highlight more than the next. They do these funky, amazing covers and they’re so full of energy and lighthearted and unusual and … did I say amazing already?

WOTE creative portrait

And did I tell you that their most popular song/video has over 150Million views? It’s this one here, if you’re curious!

And what greater coincidence to bring them up today? Walk off the Earth is a Canadian indie band. And today is Canada Day! Happy Canada Day to everyone feeling Canadian and proud! It took the five unconventional WOTE members 5 years to reach international recognition but now they’re really on to something big and I can only wish them the best of luck while making my modest contribution to their ascension! (more about them and their work here)

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