Joan Smalls, Woman Of Steel. The Amazing Project That Almost Was!

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I sometimes wonder how men really see women… Strong women, beautiful women? Beyond the immediate threshold of a pleasurable adventure? Is there really a spiritual, valid social point to some men’s fashion perspective? It’s rhetorical.

But not too much. Barnaby Roper worked out a lovely short film with Joan Smalls suggestively titled ‘Woman of Steel’. Yes, she does deliver a strong pose, like Roper explained, but this video is more likely to induce a confusing vision and I would strongly advise you to stay away from it should you be epileptic or experience dizziness and/or disorientation while trying to watch ultra-dynamic imagery assembled into the video included after the jump!

Straight from the concept storyboard, the maker of this very fashionable movie cuts a chunk of the audience and just disposes of it on the route to the actual production chambers.

Joan Smalls Woman of Steel

Formidably capturing even the attention of fashion amateurs or downright nihilists by comparing Joan Smalls with The Man of Steel, Roper doesn’t feel satisfied with shutting the door just to the epileptic audience! Oh, no! Next target: the black section of audience which would be very interested in the historical dimension of a half-black model being so popular. But wait, the story only talks about the ‘Latina’ Joan Smalls… Another significant slice of audience gets tossed out on the route to the article editing chambers. By the time the entire story is ready, only a handful of pretentious elitists stick around long enough to admire the finished visual product.

Joan Smalls new project Nowness

It’s all just a matter of perspective and wise choices…

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#1 Appollonia on 06.15.13 at 10:35 am

Despite your warning I tried to watch this video in the dark and that didn’t work out so well for me. Or it was bedtime ;)

Joan is definitely one of the most and best models around. Very beautiful, a super. We don’t use that term anymore but she’s one. :)

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