Dare To Wear Matching Outfits With Your Significant Other?

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I’ve been doing this since before I married my Adored Husband. And, just like this lovely couple whose story I recently read and who’s been playing the matching dressing game for a loooong, long time, I never felt it was a problem. It’s about a feeling of closeness and togetherness.

Fully aware of the mother-child coordinated outfits fashion (more like ‘out-of-fashion’), I raised this issue hoping to get more feedback from you. It goes significantly against the trends but substantially builds a personal style. Which would you prefer? I go for the latter as our style is an ever-evolving sum of experiences and circumstances applied yet again to an extremely varied portfolio of events and personalities.

I prefer having a distinct personal style than being fashionable. Especially in our consumerism society when anyone can buy and wear anything regardless of oh-so-many good-taste criteria (leggings and/or skinny jeans are simply not suitable for every body type, in spite of how obtuse you think I’m being by saying this out loud)!

But I digress, making this too much about myself and what I like instead of telling you the lovely story of this lovely couple who’s been lovely match-dressing for over 35 years! Nancy and Donald Featherstone have developed a twin wardrobe that would make even the most ferocious fashionista blush with envy! Coordinated tops and bottoms filling four wardrobes carefully stacked two by two and suitable for any and all occasions!

matching outfits couple Nancy Donald Featherestone

Nancy told The Guardian that started sewing shirts for her then-boyfriend and, because he was wearing them but after finishing his shirts, Nancy had so much extra fabric that she thought it was a fun idea to sew herself a matching shirt as well. Donald, whose spirit spawned the pink plastic flamingo we see pinned in the gardens of the world, enjoyed this matching outfits game so much, they decided to take it to the next level and coordinate the bottoms as well.

couple matching outfits for 35 years

It’s clearly not about following the trends or wearing whatever the next Vogue is suggesting but about whatever both of them decided as a couple. It is a way of being extremely style conscious and consistently aware of the daily outfit. Talking about living in our own individual bubble…

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#1 Appollonia on 06.13.13 at 12:47 pm

I read their story too and loved it. It’s so endearing. What I liked the most is that Nancy sew their outfits herself. This is about being creative and togetherness. So much love there…..
They are fashionable their own way. Much more appreciated by my me than trend followers. Or worse brand addicts. ;)

And this couple makes me smile. Let’s be honest, love is it the most imporant thing and here it is. :)

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