Wimbledon Nails: Serena Williams White And Orange Funky Nails

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We may not watch a lot of sports in the Frizz household but tennis always sneaks in. We have a lot of respect and admiration for this sport and I think I made it clear over the years with stories about this and that tennis player.

Wimbledon is happening as we speak (until July 7) and although some of the major players have already been eliminated (both Nadal and Federer), we can still admire some of our favorite ladies being perfectly passionate and fashionable at the same time! Because Wimbledon still thinks that white is the color of tennis and so the players can’t wear other colors… Except we ladies know that it’s all a game of accessories. And we all love to accessorize and match our nails to the rest of our outfits, our state of spirit, the weather or a movie we’re going to see.

Serena Williams matched her white tennis outfit with a mix of white and orange nail art designs. Visually striking dots and leopard spots, drips and flashes or even kisses can be seen on each of Serena’s nails. I love her idea and the look she sported for the Wimbledon competition! Hopefully it will add to her good hand!

Serena Williams wears funky orange nails at Wimbledon

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