Lingerie Inspired Sandals From Balenciaga SS14

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For all the soft shades loving ladies out there who don’t want their shoes to steal the attention from their outfit, Balenciaga Spring Summer 2014 was designed for you! However, a closer inspection will reveal pretty amazing details and facts about the Balenciaga Spring Summer 2014 shoes…

Alexander Wang sent a lovely, simple, geometrically harmonious collection on the Paris Fashion Week catwalk just hours ago. Fabulous models like Daria Werbovy, Julia Stegner or Joan Smalls walked a mirrored runway, presenting, one by one, the simple layers of impeccable style.

Daria Joan Balenciaga Spring Summer 2014 collection

There was hardly any print in Wang’s Balenciaga palette but there were petals of sheer fabric hanging from the models’ shoulders like ethereal capes of super style while the laser cut fabric looked like simple prints but a closer inspection – again – just like for the shoes, will reveal amazing profoundness and intricate fashion worthy of haute couture.

jewelry bag Balenciaga Spring Summer 2014

Something about this entire collection makes me think about doctors. The strange looking necklaces and cuffs, the handbags, the capes, the disposal of the layers he used, all point towards doctors in Alexander Wang’s Balenciaga vision for next summer.

Even the mere idea of close inspections hints at the medical science and its simple investigation principles!

Balenciaga Spring Summer 2014 sandals

Back at the shoes, now! What looked like really simple, uninteresting, un-original and unworthy of praise footwear is actually a subversive subtlety, even for fashion standards. Satined, waved and strappy, the new Balenciaga Spring Summer 2014 shoes look like precious lingerie items!

textured sandals Balenciaga Spring Summer 2014

For that’s where the magic of this collection is: in the contrasts game between the appearances and the reality of fashion things sent on this Paris Fashion Week catwalk today.

grey stiletto sandals Balenciaga SS14

coral salmon sandals Balenciaga SS14

Spring Summer 2014 sandals Balenciaga

And then, just when I thought I had it all figured out, more details emerge and baffle me even further: the straps seem to have a Velcro fastening while some of the sandals had suede cushioned patches in the very fashion consecrated for sneakers or sport shoes.

black shoes Spring 2014 Balenciaga

But if these shoes worked for Salma Hayek (wife to none the other but Balenciaga CEO, Francois Henri Pinault), they will most certainly appeal to a wide range of customers and admirers, wouldn’t you agree? (images courtesy styledotcom)

Salma Hayek dressed in Balenciaga with Balenciaga sandals


#1 Appollonia on 09.27.13 at 7:06 am

I’m trying hard to say something positive but while looking at all these shoes I can’t get my eyes of the many ugly feet. Ugly toes and ill fitting shoes in general. It’s not charming, not stylish.

Ever noticed that even someone who is breathtaking beautiful has ugly toes? Many people does.

Once I insisted (and did get on with that a whole summer long) to wear a pair of gorgous suede sandals. They were not that sky high so easy to wear. I thought, oh, was I wrong. Alas, I had to tape my little toe and the one next to that toe together otherwise the little toe didn’t fit in the shoe. It was lost….. I see that a lot on many photos of this seasons shoes. And often on red carpet photos.
It was not a pretty sight in my case either plus it was painful. Due to the design it was possible to hide the tape under a strap and made walking and even dancing bearable. After that summer I got rid of that sandals.

#2 Appollonia on 09.27.13 at 11:27 am

Dearest editor, I truly enjoy to read your pieces. All above was not meant to be negative. I have a passion for shoes or rather boots, booties as well. And I have done far weirder things to walk on shoes/boots than gluing my toes with tape. :D

Have a great weekend. :)

#3 kpriss on 09.28.13 at 12:16 am

awww! Thank you!

I have a similarly strong passion for all things footwear. Fancy shoes get to me more than bags actually. Because as lovely as a bag can be, I don’t fancy wearing it all the time. At all times (say… like for dancing?). But shoes? -sigh!-oh, shoes! <3

Fashion is ridiculously ill fitting almost every time. Especially on the Red Carpet. I look at the over-strappy shoes and think - how can they wear those? After 2 hours, most, of walking in thin strappy shoes, the straps get into your skin, like they want to cut it :( It's nearly impossible to pretend that thin strapped shoes or wide-open toes shoes are comfortable.

(poor models! honestly! Their feet look so bruised and hurt sometimes, I have to 'repair' them in Photoshop so we could concentrate on the sandals and not on the booboos!)

#4 Appollonia on 09.29.13 at 11:02 am

LOL! Didn’t notice a Dutch tattoo ‘Ook dit gaat voorbij’ – ‘This too shall pass’. That’s for sure. :)
Who is that?

Oh, no pleazzzz no ‘repair’ in photoshop. Stop the lies, show the truth. I do not not care for pretty sandals that s*ck big time. What’s the use of dreaming about fake? I can make up fake dreams myself.
After watching all these ‘shoes’ I’ve start to look at elegant loafers. For the first time in my life. Produced by a certain brand that makes real good shoes that fit. Luckily they also have great heels. Heels to walk on, looking elegant and feeling comfy during just grocery shoppings.

‘Poor models’ earn enough for their 10 minutes of fame and return to wear their sneakers. ;)

Bags, I know! I have a few very nice bags but only carrying one all the time. That bag bores me but it looks I’m hooked to that bag.

#5 Appollonia on 09.29.13 at 11:04 am

*correction: ‘Poor models’ earn enough for their 10 minutes of PAIN and return to wear their sneakers’

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