Liv Tyler’s Beauty Secrets

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Talking about Amanda Seyfried earlier reminded me about an interview with Liv Tyler I read just yesterday in which she spilled out her beauty secrets. Naturally, I came back to it, see if she said anything about Givenchy. Now that she’s out of contract (wink). Gossip-gossip.

Most important beauty trick she swears on? Exfoliating. And I couldn’t agree more: just like Liv Tyler, I use my scrubbing glove every time I shower. Not only is it invigorating but also gets rid of all those dead skin cells that keep on dreading the look of your skin. Moisturize, yes, but scrub before! Liv said she learned a lot from her own grandmother and her rebellious mother. And she misses the way things were in fashion and celebrity in the 90s.

The times when A-listers would carelessly go out and down the Red Carpet with no makeup on, no stylists army to back their look and seemed to have more fun. We did too. We enjoyed casual mishaps more than we appreciate the polished outfits and carefully chose frocks our celebrities wear but have no merit at all for putting together.

Liv Tyler beauty secrets

Back to Liv, though: she’s taking salt baths and she said that every once in a while she’s throwing in an entire box of Epsom salts and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide or baking soda. She claims she’s draining your toxins out. Gotta try that one as I’m a hardcore fan of anything-baking soda! From my toenails up to my scalp, let alone around the household, baking soda is my friend. You should try it, works magic – just ask and I’ll tel you all about it!

Liv Tyler cosmetics products secrets

What was I saying? Ah, yes, Liv Tyler and her beauty secrets! So she’s doing facial masks a couple of times a week, she’s using a lot of moisturizers for her skin and for her hair. Now about beauty products she uses:

‘YSL Touche Eclat to highlight places, I put Givenchy Blush Gelee on my cheeks, or this crazy-old Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Moist Glow in Pravella that I love. […] If I was going to the beach, I would just use Becca’s Beach Tint on my cheeks and lips and nothing else.

On my eyes I usually work some Givenchy Magic Khol in Coffee in along the top and bottom lashes and smudge it. I don’t wear eye shadow – if I want the color to go up a little higher, I’ll just keep smudging the eyeliner upwards. Then, I love Clinique’s Naturally Glossy Mascara.’

Liv Tyler’s Lipstick? Rio Rio by Topshop! Amazing, isn’t it? The same as Alexa Chung’s, actually! But she’s also using Nars lip pencil and Liv’s Lips lipstick from Givenchy. Oh, and talking about Givenchy – Liv Tyler’s perfume? C.O. Bigelow Musk Oil: few drops under her arms and in her belly button. Like daddy taught her! So Liv Tyler is very resistible to Givenchy, from what I see (wink)! I too am a fan of essential oils as perfume. Because I usually use them in my hair and they add a halo of perfume around me without staining my clothes or my skin. Failproof.

Liv Tyler natural beauty secrets

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#1 Appollonia on 05.29.13 at 11:37 am

I also miss fashion and all like it was in the ’90s (and ’80s) just as Liv. Also I agree with her beauty regime. Oh my, do I miss my bath….every week I took a bath with sea salt or fine oil I used great oil afterwards. It made my skin feel like violet…sighs….I always took a shower first with a good scrub….so lovely…..

I love to burn essential oils. And use them for other purposes as well.

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