2013 Met Gala Stella McCartney Girls: Kristen Stewart, Cameron Diaz

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Thinking that Kristen Stewart fronted Balenciaga’s Florabotanica perfume ad campaign would’ve led (every)one to believe that she will be wearing a design from the house of Balenciaga or that at least she’ll accompany its new designer, Alexander Wang. Or, why not, wear something really unique by the designer whose muse she used to be when he was Balenciaga’s creative, Nicholas Ghesquiere.

But no. Kristen Stewart wore a crimson jumpsuit from Stella McCartney for the 2013 Met Gala. Punk? Not much. Odd? Highly!

After all, it’s Kristen Stewart: if she didn’t look odd, it wouldn’t be her. At least she admitted to not being too much of a punk-girl but more of a rock-girl.

Kristen Stewart 2013 Met Gala Stella McCartney jumpsuit

Kristen Stewart jumpsuit Stella McCartney 2013 Met Gala

Cameron Diaz kept loyal to Stella McCartney‘s designs for this Red Carpet as well. Her cobalt blue dress with cape was bold enough, although not that punk either. Her chaos came more from the golden spiked belt than from the look per se. But, that again, we can forgive from Cameron. She’s just being faithful to her designer galpal (awwww)! To the point of wearing sister dresses! (images getty, styledotcom)

Cameron Diaz blue dress 2013 Met Gala

Cameron Diaz Stella McCartney 2013 Met Gala


#1 Jess on 05.07.13 at 3:49 pm

Kristen looked comfortable and fierce. Me gusta! It’s not too surprising that she wore Stella McCartney because I’m pretty sure she’s been friends with Stella for a while, though the Balenciaga thing is pretty weird. Especially since Carey Mulligan showed up wearing Balenciaga instead.

#2 Ellington on 05.07.13 at 3:54 pm

i cannot abide any of what they are wearing… as ana stated in another post, so boring , and I will add to that ,with a tinge of awful. :P

#3 ana on 05.08.13 at 1:36 am

And the award for “Biggest Camel Toe Ever” goes to….

#4 kpriss on 05.08.13 at 1:39 am

lolz girls! Thank you! :*

#5 Ellington on 05.08.13 at 7:21 am

GOOD ONE ana! :D

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