Orly Nail Polish Bottles Revamp

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Did you know who invented the French Manicure? The answer may surprise you as it’s not the French (wink), it’s an American: Jeff Pink. Or at least he was the smart one who branded it if he wasn’t the one who invented it.

After branding the French nails, he went further and started an entire company based around the lovelies manicures: Orly. After more then three decades of successful business, Orly is revamping its image. The conscious nail polish (remember when we talked about Butter London? Well, Orly is one of those nail lacquer brands who care about the environment and the customer’s health and so their products are 3F: free of DBP, toluene and formaldehydes) is going for another cap and another label.

Orly nail polish new look

As you can see, between the old and the new, slightly modified Orly are just a few differences: the cap. Orly’s award-winning rubberized gripper cap wasn’t complimenting enough. The gray rubber didn’t match every and all nail polish swatches so it just went black. Keeping the grip but changing the patterns. As for the famous O, it’s gone, gone gone! Here to stay just a simple, neat, ORLY, black on polish. How do you like the new design? Have you already tried the new cap? Is it better?

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