Erin Wasson First Non-Dutch Model On Vogue Netherland Cover

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For the first time in Vogue Netherland’s editorial existence, a non-Dutch model is gracing the cover and associated main pictorial. Whether that’s a nod to the change in Dutch’s reigning regime – they will now have a King and not a Queen, as our dear friend, Appollonia knows better, I will only say that the new Royal Fashion representative will be Maxima, from now on. And she’s on the cover of Vogue Netherland’s May 2013 issue, with her name only.

But who’s the cover girl? Erin Wasson. Although she’s of German and Irish descent, Erin is no Dutch model. And she is on the cover of Vogue Netherlands. So she boldly goes where no other non-Dutch model has ever gone before (at least the photographers, Petrovsky and Ramone are Dutch)!

Erin Wasson Vogue Nederland May 2013 cover

Erin Wasson Vogue Nederland May 2013 Whether that’s good or bad, it’s for the Dutch to say.

I for one was used to seeing Dutch models on the cover of Vogue Netherland – I thought that was more of a national pride question and found it rather interesting to observe.

Especially when other Vogue editions were all going for covers with famous people more than models.

Fashion magazines giving in to the Red Carpet pressure. Not that we wouldn’t, but still, if the Bible of Fashion swears on A-Listers, who are we to disagree?

As far as this Erin Wasson cover goes – it’s a bit unusual for Vogue Netherland, true, but let’s go fashion deep: what’s up with the headpiece? And the blue lips? It’s somewhat amateur-ish to apply a blue filter in Photoshop on the lips as well: it turns out more cadaver-ish more than beach-ish. And this picture above, from the inside pictorial, is proof enough. Isn’t it?


#1 Appollonia on 04.14.13 at 7:06 am

Not one euro to this Vogue Nederland! I HATE it!
What’s that ‘thing’ on Erin’s head? Why isn’t Máxima on the cover?

Where’s the diversity on Vogue Nederland’s covers? Especially since Máxima is also an immigrant. A fun latina girl! A woman now of course.

Cara? Yawn…and the rest? Pfff…..I’m only interested how they portray Máxima. Yes, we can call our new King and his Queen whatever we want. As Willem-Alexander, the upcoming King declared yet: “I am not a protocol
fetishist. I like people to feel comfortable in the way they speak to me”. So no H.R.H. or a Majesty here! YAY! Only if you like to remain formal. Next Wednesday the whole interview with the new upcoming King and his Queen will be broadcast. This one line is yet revealed. Can’t wait!

I would love to tell about Máxima’s style but like to wait what’s going to happen with that style when she is ‘queen’. She wears he hair yet different. In a bun. It was usually loose like every busy mother of three. She wore leather and knee high boots. Fan of Tom Ford sun eye wear. Supporter of Dutch designers like Jan Taminieu.

One year Dutch Vogue has disappointed me. I said it yet: when are we going to see a girl from Surinam, Indonesia or an Asian girl? Arab descent? Where are they? I see them in the streets on a daily basis…..the problem in fashion with this policy must stop! We live in a globalised world after all. Fashion should reflect that.

So Alex and Máx go for it! Can not wait to see what Máxima’s is going to wear on crowning day April 30 Better said Inauguration Day. We do not crown our queens. After four queens there will be king again. With a lovely queen at his side. I have the feeling he’s the last….:( But times has changed….:)

#2 ana on 04.14.13 at 10:01 am

Where is her other leg in that last picture ?

Appollonia : Buy it (to promote local jobs) and send it back ( at least the cover) to the editor, as a sign of protest. I did it several times with Vogue España.

#3 Ellington on 04.14.13 at 4:28 pm

A good idea ana regarding the buying and sending it back in protest!
I do hope to see part of the ceremonies for your new monarch Appollonia. : )
It should be a lovely day for you nation.
: )

#4 kpriss on 04.14.13 at 10:38 pm

@Appollonia – won’t forget about that Royal piece ;)
@ana – AMAZING advice! will remember it for future protesting cases!
as for the other leg – I asked myself the same question, only the picture was disturbing on itself, the missing leg was just completing the creepy scenario.

#5 Appollonia on 04.15.13 at 7:03 am

I replied yesterday before Ellington but I forgot to click on submit?

Again then…..

ana, that’s just brilliant!! A brilliant idea!!! And so it’s gonna happen. Bravo! Hahaha….you see, I don’t get much support on the Facebook page of Dutch Vogue.

I am an avid supporter of anything local. Especially the smaller shops in my city. I hardly or not order online. It kills the small businesses and the city starts to look dead. Well, we all what I talk about……

Graciaaaas, ana!!! :))

#6 Appollonia on 04.15.13 at 7:24 am

Ellington, I hope you get to see anything of the ceremony. :)
There will no be heads of states. That’s not the style of Alexander. If he becomes the sort of monarch his grandmother Juliana was that would be nice. My granny was not a monarchist but she wouldn’t here anything bad about ‘Juultje’.
I am not really a monarchist either but in this globalised world I have become more attached to them…..local folklore? ;)
I fear riots but hopes to party. Armin van Buuren a.o. (the couple are huge fans) plays in the open air…..

Kpriss, I don’t forget my ‘royal piece’. I want to see the couple’s interview next Wednesday and the inauguration first. I want to see if Máxima keeps her fun style and not become a dull looking woman in her new position. ;)

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