Mediocre Song Using Johnny Depp And Kate Moss Romance To Launch

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Don’t you just love it when a mediocre moment gets a meteoric rise because it just used the right propulsory references? This is definitely one of them! In all my years of listening to alternative music, I didn’t come across many pieces as unfoundedly pretentious as this one.

Taking the iconic relationship between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss as reference/inspiration is downright offensive for what that stands for in comparison with the lack of real musical substance that this He Met Her Toknight We Ride (Johnny & Kate) song is. Or maybe, on the contrary, the song is just as intelligent and as profound as the relationship between the two was. Which is which? Just hit the jump and press play, I mean… we’ve survived Gangnam Style, right?

Johnny Depp Kate Moss relationship inspired a song

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#1 Appollonia on 04.15.13 at 6:44 am

WT* was that?

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