Revolutionary Beauty Advertising: Red Lipstick For Men

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G-Dragon, my dahlings, is a 24yo Korean model, singer&more. From 2009 until now, he kept on providing music to his evermore growing cohort of fans. But if you’d had to compare him to a familiar figure, then Justin Timberlake could be the one. G-Dragon is considered a fashion icon. A style maker. A trend setter.

Here he goes, breaching through yet another fashion sensitive domain: cosmetics. Lipstick, actually. Remember when we talked about red lipstick for men? Well, you can consider this as taking our old topic to the next level. G-Dragon is, after all, a man. And this is, after all, fire-red lipstick! And he’s wearing it, and subjecting it to our fashionable attention in this ad campaign from The Saem Cosmetics brand!(oh, and do hit the jump to see the commercial! It’s just so… beyond words!)

red lipstick for men Saem ad campaign G Dragon

Will he get the recognition he’s used to? Will this advertising campaign bring him even more fans, even more appreciation fashion-wise and professional-wise? I’m actually hesitant about that as the latest aesthetics, although strangely ambivalent, push more towards androgynous and grunge-punk than towards the obvious, in-your-face homogenization of genders. But! As you know, I’m a simple girl living the honest life. Should you like to enlighten my discovery path towards the hipster culture, I’m more than willing to listen/read your arguments!

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