Sofia Vergara, Unrecognizable In Vogue’s Shape Issue

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Sofia Vergara is one of my favorite actresses right now. She’s so funny, energetic and positive, I really like her vibe. I think she’s a valuable example and a plausible role model for both young and adult women all around the world.

Being featured in Vogue’s April 2013 issue, also dubbed ‘The Shape Issue’ comes as no real surprise – I just wonder what took them that long. What is surprising, though, is that Sofia doesn’t look much like herself in the Mikael Jansson shot. Intentional or not, her picture depicts an existential cliché for generations of Latin women who, beautiful or not, fit or not, would spend many hours of their life in this or that kitchen, dreaming, aspiring but mostly frowning. Like Sofia here.

Sofia Vergara in Vogue April 2013

I may be overreacting, and I’m ready to assume that, but this ‘Dangerous CurvesVogue material has me all saddened from this modest preview. The over-smooth skin, the blue atmosphere&look of the picture, the frowning, the setting, there’s nothing relaxing about this image. Please share your thoughts and feelings, change my pessimistic perspective if there’s real reason to do it!

Sofia Vergara Vogue April 2013 preview

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