Jessica Alba’s Honest Life: You’re An Actress, Then Write A Book You Must!

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Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow started her Goop adventure? Everyone thought she wasn’t in her right minds at the time. But years have gone by, Gwinnie stuck with her Goop regime and a couple of books later, she’s like the new Martha Stewart. Books with recipes, ideas for entertainment, good living and good eating advice. But guess what? less movies. More living, less acting, yes?

Good. Now, I was browsing the news section today and came across an interesting title regarding a book and… Jessica Alba. Who’s not always on my fashion radar. Or any kind of radar. But this time, something in my mind went ‘click!’ and realized that this is the new vocation for young actresses out there: not a movie that would set their acting energy in motion but a book! A lifestyle book.

Jessica Alba book The Honest Life launch

We all have blogs & Pinterest, but actresses have books publishing. Because they’re worth it and it’s in their means. Let’s all applaud Jessica Alba’s new book: ‘The Honest Life’ and take it all with the necessary grain of salt. It’s Jessica’s Honest Life. As for us, we’ll always have StyleFrizz.

Jessica Alba The Honest Life choices book

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